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Jaquy Yngvason, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Condition: Celiac Disease, Intolerance to Dairy, Eggs of all kinds, Bi-Polar Type 1

Diagnosed Year: 2000

Foods I Love:

Sunflower seeds
Black beans
Fresh dragon fruit
Pink lady apples

Foods I Avoid:

Anything in a box is a no

My Recipes & Articles

My Story

Jaquy Yngvason is a holistic eating  coach, a whole foods chef, integrative nutritional counselor, allergy free expert and optimal living advocate. She is on a mission to spread her passion for personal healing through whole foods, stress reduction and lifestyle changes. 

Jaquy spent the better part of her childhood in sickness and pain, practically living out of hospitals, being misdiagnosed with depression, bi-polar, and brain tumors, only to find out years later that she had Celiac Disease and a number of other food allergies that were really causing her health issues. Driven to figure out how to heal herself, feeling as though the medical community had failed her, Jaquy started studying all things food and working with alternative modalities for healing such as Shamans, medical initiatives, healers and more.

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu and working as the head chef at a restaurant in Seattle for a few years, Jaquy, grew tired of living off of epipens and Benadryl, she quickly took up a job at the Food Network in New York as a food stylist and culinary producer where she could make food look amazing without having to actually eat it.  In just a short few years she went from being an intern to a full on culinary producer and has gone on to work with top talent such as Bobby Flay, Aarón Sanchez, Paula Dean, Geoffrey Zakarian and Roger Mooking. 

When her dad was diagnosed with stage three malignant melanoma she started to implement her knowledge of holistic nutrition, her personal experience and the Gerson Program to help him through whole foods, juicing, mediation and energy healing. After doctors saw the transformation that occurred during his treatment doctors and hospice did understand why he had such good spirits for his stage of cancer. Before his passing her father made it very clear to her that her life purpose was in healing others through food. 

Feeling that her true message was yet to be shared she left her high paying and comfortable job and started focusing her energy and efforts on helping others like her, those that struggled with food allergies and eating disorders, to take control of their lives and develop healthy eating habits. She got certified in NFCA’s Gluten Free Kitchen Program, completed Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition Program and went to IIN (Integrative Institute for Nutrition) to become an optimal living coach and even went on Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ to promote Celiac disease and food allergies. From there she started speaking nationwide at allergy-free expos on living an abundant allergy-free plant based life. 

Now Jaquy travels around the world working with others, leading workshops and retreats, and motivational speaking. She is currently working on a book to teach anyone with food allergies how to safely travel the world with others. 

Using a plant-based diet, whole foods, and a mind, body, spirit approach she has cured herself of disease and has found freedom from depression and eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia).

She truly understands health and healing at the core, and it is her life’s mission to help you to create and sustain a culture and environment of health, balance and thriving energy.  

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