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Jaslyn Goh

Condition: Acne

Diagnosed Year: 14

Foods I Love:

Sweet Potatoes

Foods I Avoid:

Soy products

My Story

It all started when I was only 17. My dad introduced me to ‘insanity’ and since then I was hooked on working out. That was not enough because I wanted results faster. I went on a no-carb diet, to a paleo diet and now, to veganism. Through the whole fitness journey, my weight and physical appearance was on a yo-yo. I gained weight, lost weight and gained it back. I wasn’t happy, I was constantly lethargic because I was so focused on getting results. I worked out 6 days a week (sometimes all 7) and didn’t fuel my body enough because food was my enemy. My skin was also badly affected because of this (I suppose).

Only in 2015, I figured I had enough and that’s when I found veganism. I slowly cut meat off, followed by my favorite fish – salmon. I took 3 weeks to cut eggs off and only became vegan in July. 4 months into veganism, and I feel the best I’ve ever had. I lost fats on my cheeks, waist and hips all naturally – no fad diets, pills and slimming treatments. I no longer feel as lethargic as I did when I was a meat-eater. I also stopped getting cystic acne and now I’m in the process of healing the scars and many other red bumps. I believe food is the best medicine for the body – eat right and fuel right.

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