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Jessica Flanigan BS, Clinical Nutritionist, Creator The Loving Diet™

Condition: Specializes in anti-inflammatory, auto-immune, gut health

Foods I Love:

Butternut squash

Foods I Avoid:


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My Story

I have been a holistic nutritionist for 17 years. In the last 5 years since my identical twin sister was diagnosed with celiac and Hashimoto’s, we both switched over the the Autoimmune Paleo Diet. Word got out and people started message me asking if I could help guide them through the transition to AIP. Now, my practice is all Autoimmune Paleo clients!

I learned to cook from my Irish grandmother Rose who spend much of her life tending her prolific garden while living on a dairy farm. She was the first person that taught me about the value of fresh food and fat. When I was in college I bought my first cookbook The Moosewood Cookbook and got to work throwing dinner parties and cooking whenever I could! I am happy to say my cooking skills have progressed nicely and now cooking is something I do for joy in my free time. As my Autoimmune Practice has grown, I have incorporated mind-body skills to my clients to help them use illness as a stepping stone instead of stumbling block. I find that when that beautiful connection happens, bodies respond differently to food and nutrients. As we digest our “obstacles” better, we tend to digest our food better too. So now, half of my work is helping clients uncover the beauty of how their lives are unfolding (disease and all!) and when that happens, food takes on a different, more meaningful role.

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