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Jessica Remmers

Condition: Lowering antibodies for Hashimoto's, former Candida symptoms

Diagnosed Year: 2013

Foods I Love:

Sweet Potatoes
Leafy Greens
All Fruit

Foods I Avoid:

Cane Sugar
Corn Syrup
Artificial Colors and Flavorings
GMO foods

My Recipes & Articles

My Story

I have been health conscious for several years; working as an actress, I always wanted to look and feel my best. I have always needed to take good care of myself in order to really feel good…plenty of sleep, not too much junk food etc. Otherwise, it’s easy for me to feel run-down. I have also struggled with Candida symptoms for years everything form skin problems to low energy to other complications.

In my many attempts at different diets from paleo to vegetarian to strict anti-candida diets, I really couldn’t find a lifestyle that truly made me feel my best or feel satisfied as something I could do long-term. When I was diagnosed with the anti-bodies for Hashimoto’s disease, the doctor recommended going on a gluten-free diet. He explained a lot of people were able to keep their thyroid levels in check by making the switch. My own research also concluded that it is the first and most important thing to exclude from your diet if diagnosed with any auto-immune disease or for prevention. It seems that gluten (the protein found in wheat) has changed over the years making it very difficult to digest, therefore causing inflammation to the body which over time can lead to illness. 

I must admit it took some time to take the leap to gluten-free…I dabbled with it here and there but wasn’t particularly strict about it. It was’t until New Years Day 2014 when I made the resolution and declaration to be as “healthy and happy as I could be” that things really started to shift. I had no idea that measuring every aspect of my life to that mantra would change it forever. I realized that I only wanted to put things in my body that nourished it and moved me to my healthiest and happiest self. As I began my journey, I soon discovered that eliminating all animal products from my diet as well has led to not only the best physical health and outward vibrance I’ve ever experienced but the most enlightened mental state, clearest conscious and greatest sense of well-being as well. Also, my Hashimotos antibody levels have dropped significantly and Candida symptoms have completely cleared! Who knew that what seemed like such a restrictive diet would lead to the most positive lifestyle change in every area, and that I would feel so happy and fulfilled? Eating fruit and plants from the earth in abundance is a truly happy way to live. I can actually get all my protein and nutrients, stand up for animals and help environment, too! I am now devoted to promoting this lifestyle by sharing my journey and research with others and showing it’s possible to thrive eating a plant-based gluten-free diet on 


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