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Jillian Burne

Condition: Hashimoto's Disease

Diagnosed Year: 2013

Foods I Love:

Fermented veggies

Foods I Avoid:

Canola Oil
Processed Foods

My Story

I was diagnosed by a chiropractor with Hashimoto’s and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve had every test done that relates to Hashimoto’s and applied the information I gained to my healing. Heavy metals. Check. MTHFR. Check. Complete thyroid panel. Check. I did a full course of 12 IV treatments to nourish my depleted cells. At one point I even went on thyroid medications, but then found a protocol of natural supplements to replace the meds. My chiropractor literally schooled me on everything I needed to know.

Up until my diagnosis, I was mostly gluten-free and dairy-free – which is a little like being mostly pregnant. After my diagnosis, I learned about every aspect of digestion and how it relates to our autoimmune system. I turned myself into an expert on fatty acids and mineral balance. I also learned how to control my blood sugar, bringing my A1c level down below 5.0. I embraced healing foods and embarked on a variety of protocols that involved food, supplements and other modalities. I worked diligently on healing. I spent hours learning how to bake gluten-free before deciding that maybe “flours” and sugar of any kind weren’t conducive to my healing journey. Coconut oil and ghee became my new best friends. I had a lot of bone broth.

There were peaks and valleys along the way, but I listened to the stories of people around me who had reversed their autoimmune conditions and those who hadn’t and it quickly became apparent what I needed to do. Most importantly for once in my life I followed through on recommendations. No more half empty bottles of vitamins found at the back of a cupboard 6 months later. I feel like I look the best I’ve ever looked in my life and I have great energy. My clients joke they come to me to get the “Hashi’s Glow.” When you get it right people notice. That’s truly how I knew I had accomplished my goal.

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