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Kate Van Horn

Condition: Anxiety, Depression, and Recovered from Anorexia

Diagnosed Year: 13, 17-20

Foods I Love:

Leafy greens (such as kale!)
Seeds (chia and hemp)
Almond milk
Agave nectar and coconut sugar
Matcha Green Tea

Foods I Avoid:

Processed Foods
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Non Organic Produce

My Story

I was always taught to eat healthy and had healthy options in my home. I struggled with anxiety from a young age, which led me to feed depressed because I couldn’t find ways to cope. Later, I developed an eating disorder and became obsessive with my food as well as the idea of losing weight. Many with an eating disorder use it as a coping mechanism to control. I was moving away to college, and a lot was changing in my life.

As I lost weight, I was not eating a balanced well-rounded diet. When I received treatment for my eating disorder I started to feel better, however the anxiety and depression remained. I learned about mindfulness, yoga, meditation and other holistic approaches to calm anxiety. It worked! These techniques also helped me get over the final hurdle of my eating disorder, which was body dysmorphia. However as I began to feel better about myself, I wanted to continue with my journey to health. I had learned a great deal through therapy about having compassion for myself and started to research vegetarian/vegan lifestyles. I became vegetarian and then eventually vegan, after educating myself about the damage dairy, eggs, and meat have on our bodies, the environment, and the animals. It made me feel most whole and nourished to be on a plant based diet.

Check out my website to see how I’m kale-in-it!

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