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Laura Scaviola

Condition: Ulcerative Colitis

Diagnosed Year: 2013

Foods I Love:

Sweet Potato

Foods I Avoid:


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My Story

Born into an Italian-American family, it was inevitable that fresh mozzarella, homemade pasta, and a crusty piece of Italian bread were components of an average meal. But once I was diagnosed with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I realized those foods were only worsening my condition. In March of 2013 I was experiencing some alarming gastrointestinal issues. After days of 20+ bowel movements without eating I was worried. After an emergency room trip, a few tests, and a colonoscopy, my gastroenterologist diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis in my entire colon. I asked him if there was anything I should or shouldn’t be eating to help my symptoms. His response was that there is no scientific proof, but that he seemed to believe a diet that eliminated most carbohydrates can help.

The very same day I left the hospital, I raided my cabinets and refrigerator, got rid of what I needed to, and restocked with healthier foods. No more pasta! Since that day I have been listening to my body and learning more about how my disease responds to food, sleep, and stress. My body thanks me with tons of energy and a healing gut!

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