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Linda Cho

Condition: Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Raynauds, Thyroid Cancer and undiagnosed GI issues

Diagnosed Year: 32

Foods I Love:

multigrain bagel
pumpernickel bread
iced skim latte
earl grey tea
sparking water

Foods I Avoid:

cured deli meat
alfalfa sprout
white bread

My Story

I was diagnosed with “mild” lupus in 2010.  The following year, I gave birth to my son and along with it, a big lupus flare.  By the end of that year, I was hospitalized multiple times and have started rounds of chemo.  Lupus has attacked my central nervous system (CNS), heart, lungs gastrointestinal system, and skin.  I was bedridden and wheelchair bound for over a year.  I was then suffering from overlapping autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, raynauds and peripheral neuropathy.  I was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014 and had a thyroidectomy.

With all this happening in the last five years, recovery has been slow.  I still suffer daily from pain, fatigue and a rotary of illnesses.  While it is a struggle everyday, I have come a long way and I maintain hope that my condition will continue to improve.  I want to become a best version of myself, notwithstanding my chronic illnesses.  To achieve my goal, one of the most important things I have decided to do is to live a healthier lifestyle.  There is no single diet proven to help lupus patients, but healthy balanced meals are recommended by many.  I agree with this approach and have seen positive changes in my body and mind.  See my website for how I make simple meals using fresh ingredients:


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