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Megan Huylo

Condition: Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Cancer

Diagnosed Year: 8

Foods I Love:

Leafy greens
Fresh herbs

Foods I Avoid:

Refined foods
Animal protein

My Story

My journey to good health and a balanced relationship with food came after years and years of trial and error. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, my parents immediately began looking to alternative measures to ensure I was getting the proper nutrition and remedies necessary to not only fight off the disease, but keep me strong and able-bodied. That was when I was first introduced to the concept of food as medicine. After the chemo was complete, I spent years experimenting with different diets and fitness regimens. It took a long time to learn that good health is a marathon, not a sprint, and that fad diets are not long-term solutions. Good health is a lifestyle and one that’s reached by taking small steps everyday. You must retrain your body and mind over time so that it’s sustainable and becomes second nature. Be patient and kind with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and pescatarian. I’ve sung the praises of a high protein, low carb diet and spent days consuming only raw, green juice.  Two decades of trying (and mostly failing at) different diets has taught me that good health and fitness is the result of a long-term lifestyle change, not a fad diet, and one that incorporates whole, real foods and regular exercise.

Over the years, I’ve been on TV, featured in various media outlets, and worked in the kitchens of high-end restaurants, cleanse companies, private clients, school cafeterias, pop-up events and organic farms. Currently, you can find me running the show at South Fork Kitchens Café in Southampton, NY; a local, farm-to-table establishment in Southampton. I also provide personal chef, catering, and custom cleanse and detox programs. Find our more at



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