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Melina M. Fischer

Condition: Celiac Disease

Diagnosed Year: 22

Foods I Love:

Cassava Root
Brussel Sprouts
Sweet potatoes

Foods I Avoid:

Chicken fingers
French fries
Chicken bouillon
Soy sauce

My Story

At 22 years old, having to change my whole life because of my new diagnosis was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. It never gets easier, but staying positive and taking care of myself has helped me get by. Being able to adjust was hard, I had to change my eating habits completely, so I decided to change my fitness habits as well. I started going to the gym everyday and eating healthy. It was really hard for me at first and I kept eating as if I did not have my condition, but the more gluten I ate the worse I felt. I learned the hard way but now I take good care of myself and avoid wheat-containing foods at all costs. In the long-run, my condition has made me a healthier and more motivated person.

I’ve loved cooking ever since I was little, my mother is a chef and also has Celiac Disease so I have learned a lot from her. I’ve learned and grown from my condition and you can only take something negative and turn it into something positive. In my new lifestyle journey I am exploring my cooking skills and finding recipes and giving them my own little twist. I want to be an inspiration to people to stay positive throughout their condition, and show them you can enjoy food and eating just the same as anyone else by sharing my recipes and food ventures on my Instagram The Gluten Free Mermaid.

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