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Pallavi Sastry

Condition: Allergies, Family history of Arthritis

Foods I Love:

raw dark chocolate

Foods I Avoid:

white flour
white rice
white sugar
most vinegars

My Recipes & Articles

My Story

I grew up in a very rooted Indian family in the great state of Texas…so my fascination with food has always been robust and heavy…much like the foods that are associated with both of those cultures! Which brought on a really tough adolescence and early 20s of yo-yo weight and really weak joints.
I was an athlete as a kid and have probably twisted and sprained my ankles and wrists at least a dozen times and even dislocated my knee towards the end of college. Three of my grandparents are diabetic and have multiple forms of arthritis, so I believe that if I hadn’t been careful about my diet, I might one day be diagnosed with arthritis too.
Health conditions seem to run in my family: my mother has cystic fibrosis, my grandmother has alzheimer’s, my grandfather had a quadruple bypass heart surgery after 2 heart attacks, and I had chronic sinusitis and allergies! Going dairy free and eating unprocessed food along with supplementation helped me overcome that.
I always tried to eat healthy, but never really knew what it meant. Thus, I started looking into holistic nutrition and vegan-ism, which then taught me that even though I had been eating the so-called “health” “diet” foods, I was malnourished. Over the last 8 years my diligence in sticking with whole foods and learning how to snack and supplement properly, has given me that mind/body focus that you read about in all the magazines trying to teach it.
I’m so impressed and excited by what Further Food is doing and truly believe it will be a valuable resource for the entire world.
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