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Ruby Arter

Condition: Specializes in cooking for Food sensitivities, FODMAP diet

Foods I Love:

Sweet potato
Almond milk
Cacao powder
Olive oil

Foods I Avoid:

Cows milk
Processed foods

My Story

My name is Ruby and I love to cook.  It all started with Betty Crocker cake mixes when I was in kindergarten, followed by pots of pasta when mum broke her arm while I was in primary school, an enthusiasm for Food Technology classes in high school and now my blog and instagram @rubystemple.

When I was 11 or 12 my mother discovered she was lactose intolerant and suffered from fructose malabsorption. So began the transition of our family from bowls of wheat pasta laden with onion-y sauce to lower FODMAP options such as rice, lots of rice. Over the years we have found new low FODMAP favorites and (sometimes) successfully recreated old favorites with alternative ingredients.

Last year, at age 20, it seemed like everyone else’s acne had cleared up since high school and mine was only getting worse. I was also experiencing some bloating and had a serious addiction to coffee.

I went on a researching frenzy and decided to give the paleo diet a go. For 1 month I cut out grains (except oats because I can’t live without porridge), dairy, legumes and refined sugars. What a difference it made! I found my skin clearer than ever, my bloating completely gone and my mood lifted – people kept telling me how good I looked and asking me how I’d done it.

I’ve since evolved my own eating style which is predominantly low FODMAP (that way everyone in my house can enjoy what I eat). I avoid wheat and dairy most of the time and choose to focus on vegetables, fruits, and nuts, a combination of meat and plant-proteins, lots of egg and some heartier healthier whole grains.

More recently, my family watched “That Sugar Film” by Damon Gameau which made us all more aware of the sugars we were unwittingly consuming. We’ve made a conscious effort to reduce our sugar intake since and have all been feeling and looking much better for it. The biggest change has been evident in my brother, who was never into vegetables and last week tucked into a big bowl of quinoa with tomato, beef and peas I had prepared! Like the sound of that? To see more of my delicious creations, check out:

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