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Sarah Galla M.S.

Condition: IBS. Expert in Holistic Nutrition, Registered Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T.) with Yoga Alliance

Diagnosed Year: 15

Foods I Love:

White rice
Organic chicken
Sweet potatoes

Foods I Avoid:

Non-organic wheat
Products or bleached white flour products
Refined sugar
Non-organic coffee
Ground beef
Barley malt

My Story

When I was 15, I was diagnosed with IBS after years of unexplained stomach aches, painful bloating, constipation and overall abdominal discomfort. Doctors had no other answers for me after various tests and x-rays came back without any concrete answers. I would still end up with crippling stomach aches every few months, even landing me in the hospital at one point. I didn’t really understand how food affected the body until I entered recovery from alcoholism at the age of 23. This is when I began my journey back to myself.  I learned to watch what I put into my body, the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff.  Once I cut out the processed food, ate mostly organic or non-GMO foods, and paid attention to how and what I was eating, I started feeling better. As much as food has helped immensely, I cannot ignore the emotional component of my stomach aches (or what was diagnosed as IBS).

I still struggle from time to time with different symptoms, but have reached a place in which I know balance and can recognize when something is off. When my body feels good, I feel good and things just seem a lot brighter. Life is busy, so it is sometimes hard to make the time to eat right. I am a mom to three beautiful kiddos, and a wife to a talented man with great integrity. I have worked in the natural food and health industry, including an alternative medicine clinic, and have seen the power of food!

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