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Wendelin von Schroder

Condition: Hashimoto's, Food Allergies

Foods I Love:

Butternut squash
Sweet potatoes
Green juices
Bone broth
Home made pickles (great for autoimmune conditions & gut health)
Coconut oil & milk
Grass fed beef

Foods I Avoid:

Processed sugar

My Recipes & Articles

My Story

In my opinion, food should undoubtedly always be delicious and on occasion even indulgent but I believe it can also be nutritious. I was raised eating wholesome, seasonal and organic foods so good nutrition has always been important to me.

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis my sophomore year of college, food also became a source of healing. After months of fatigue, rapid changes in weight and horrible brain fog, I went to see an endocrinologist. I was prescribed synthetic thyroid hormones, which slowed the progression of the autoimmune condition but did little to help with the fatigue and difficulty maintaining weight I was experiencing. Then, about a year after I was diagnosed, I developed a skin rash on my left arm that would not go away. I decided to get tested for food allergies. The test revealed that I was sensitive to gluten, dairy and almonds. Eating these foods were causing the eczema on my skin so I was advised to go on an elimination diet for 2-3 months.

Now, as a passionate hobby chef and lover of all things dairy, I could not have received worse news!! However, after the initial shock wore off, three wonderful things happened as a result of committing to this lifestyle change. I started to realize almost immediately how much better I felt! Secondly, my thyroid antibody-count decreased, which was also great news! And last but certainly not least, I rediscovered my passion for cooking in a new and more creative way. Not being able to eat many of the things that make food conventionally tasty, I was forced to be innovative in the kitchen. I made it my mission to re-invent my favorite dishes to exclude the foods I was choosing to no longer eat while not compromising on taste. What ensued were countless hours of research, trial and error and most importantly fun in the kitchen!

I have now been gluten and dairy free for five years. I continue to be very curious about finding alternative ways to nourish my body while exciting my taste buds and am discovering how much my over all well-being is dependent on balance.

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