Congrats! You Took the Sugar Pledge! How to Get Ready for the Challenge


Thanks for Taking the #SugarPledge! Here’s How to Get Ready for the Sugar Detox Challenge


We’re so excited that you’ll be taking the Sugar Detox Challenge with us this January. It all starts on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, but here are a few ways you can get ready for the Challenge right now:

1. Invite your friends to do the challenge with you!

It’s more fun to go sugar-free together. Get your mom, boyfriend, sis or best friend to join and cheer you on along the way.  Click on this link to share on your Facebook and email this link to your loved ones!

2. Follow Further Food.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We’ll also be using the hashtag #SugarPledge for daily inspiration and additional tips from our coaches.

3. Get Lucky and WIN! 

Did we mention that everyone who signs up for the Challenge is entered to win 3 months worth of our brand new Further Collagen powder!

Why Collagen? For starters, sugar consumption accelerates the breakdown of collagen which leads to wrinkles, saggy skin,  joint stiffness, and even bone loss.  Eating more collagen daily will help you reverse aging and strengthen your bones and joints!

Collagen protein can also help reduce sugar cravings by keeping you feeling full and keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. Collagen protein has been identified as being 40% more filling than the same amount of whey, soy, or casein proteins! Further Collagen is 100% natural, grass-fed, non-GMO with no additives and  no sweeteners – it’s the perfect protein for a sugar detox!  Click here to learn more.

We’ll be in touch again with your free meal plan, sugar-free recipes and shopping list before the Challenge begins! Get ready to start fresh in 2017 and transform your health – and your body – once and for all.


xo, The Further Team

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