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further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkA 7-day meal plan with recipes, shopping list, and meal prep guide

further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkDaily tips and diet hacks from a world-class team of experts

further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkAccess to hundreds of delicious quick & easy sugar-free recipes 



Dr. Mark Hyman
Medical Director at
Cleveland Clinic’s Center


Jenna Wolfe
Author of Thinner in
30 & Fitness Expert


Tiffany Cruikshank
Founder of Yoga Medicine &
Renowned Meditation Expert


Dr. Taz Bhatia
Integrative Medicine Expert &
Bestselling Author


Leslie Sansone
Creator of Acclaimed Walk at
Home Program


Elissa Goodman
Holistic Nutritionist & Cancer


Melissa Joulwan
Bestselling Cookbook Author


Sugar has been shown to be a main cause of chronic disease, including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, depression, dementia, and infertility. Yet, more than 70% of Americans eat over 3 times the recommended daily amount of sugar!

That’s where our Challenge comes in. Our 7-day sugar detox will help you start to beat the addiction and take control of your health. Take the #SUGARPLEDGE to cut out sugar from your life and feel the benefits which can include sustained energy throughout the day, improved focus, fewer cravings, clearer skin, weight loss and less anxiety.

“A fantastic way to start my New Year & get sugar-free recipes to use all year long!” – Mary, CA

“I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes last fall and took this Challange in January. It changed my life. I eliminated processed sugar for good and I’m not pre-diabetic anymore!” – Jon, FL



further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkDaily email with steps
to eliminate sugar


further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmark7-day meal plan with
shopping list


further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkHealth advice from an
all-star team of experts


further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkQuick & easy sugar-free


further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkDiet, exercise and
meditation hacks that
really work


further_food_sugar_challenge_checkmarkMotivation to help
you stay focused

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5 thoughts on “Take the Sugar Pledge and Join Our Free Sugar Detox Challenge!

  1. Stephanie

    Issued sugar detox challenge to a group of coworkers, over ten accepted. Had fun motivating each other, calling out “the cheaters” and publicly shaming the non-participant who bought donuts for the office on Day 1 of the challenge. At end of the challenge, I acknowleged all participants and had a prize drawing for a gift card from a local fresh market store.

    I didn’t follow the meal plans offered, but I liked the recipes that introduced me to ingredients I had not used before. Ate clean with the help of the diet guide and lost 7 pounds.

    Going further by issuing more challenges to a larger group of coworkers.

  2. Leo G.

    I reduce my sugar intake about 60% for the challenge. I have some unplanned trips so I could do the full challenge. I will try to make a life change from now on. Thank you for all the receipts and support.

  3. Marsha

    I feel amazing, the best decision I have ever made! I am continuing with this life style change. collagen is the answer. Thank you and the recipes were delicious.

  4. Karen

    It wasn’t easy but I got my husband to do it with me which was really fun! We loved the daily email advice tips…they were really motivating and informative. We didn’t follow the meal plan to a tee, but loved the stuffed zucchini bowls and mashed cauliflower recipes…they’re going to be new staples in our kitchen! It was also fun making the salad bowls together for lunch… we actually realized that we saved a lot of money by bringing leftovers and salads for lunch rather than going out and buying lunch, which is what we used to do. We’re both going to try to stick with being sugar-free! Wish us luck!

  5. Ellen

    This was great! I lost 5 pounds the first week. Now that I’m off the sugar I’m going to keep it up. I feel so much better already. I have more energy and don’t feel that mid afternoon slump.


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