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Congrats! You Took the Sugar Pledge! How to Get Ready for the 10-Day Sugar Detox Plan

10-Day Sugar Detox Plan

Thanks for Taking the #SugarPledge! Here's How to Get Ready for the Sugar Detox Plan

We're so excited that you'll be taking the 10-Day Sugar Detox Plan with us. A few days after you purchase the plan, you'll get a daily email from one of our Expert Coaches, along with recipes to help you eliminate sugar for good. Until then, here are a few ways you can get ready for the Detox right now: 1. Invite your friends to do the 10-Day Detox with you! It's more fun to go sugar-free together. Get your mom, best friend, or work buddies to join and cheer you on along the way. Share the sign-up page with them! 2. Join our growing Facebook Group! Join our Facebook group Further Food Sugar Detox Challenge. Get motivation from fellow Detoxers, get your questions answered by our Health Coaches, and lots more! 3. Do you have questions about how to do a detox or what you can and can't eat? Read this article by one of our Registered Dietitian Experts, who answers your most frequently asked questions. You'll learn what you can and cannot eat during the detox, what's the deal with different types of sweeteners, including artificial sweeteners, and how sugar affects your body. Soon you will receive your Further Food Sugar Detox products and start getting a daily video email from our experts.! Get ready to transform your health – and your body – once and for all. xo, The Further Food Team P.S. If you only purchased the E-book, you might want to consider ordering some Further Food Collagen and Superfood Turmeric today! Why Collagen? Further Food Collagen protein powder will keep you 40% more satiated than whey or soy protein, helping to curb your sugar cravings. It’s the perfect protein for a sugar detox! As an added bonus, eating more collagen daily helps reverse aging and to strengthen your bones and joints! Buy Further Food Collagen here! Why Turmeric? Superfood Turmeric is a proprietary blend of immune boosting and anti-inflammatory organic turmeric, plus 7 superfoods and adaptogenic herbs: ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, schisandra berry and boswellia. It's sugar-free and makes a great detox tea! Buy Superfood Turmeric here.

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