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Take Life Further

We believe food is the best medicine. We believe what you put in your body has the power to change your life. Food as medicine changed our lives. Now we want it to change yours.

Nature’s most powerful ingredients.

Inspired by tradition. Backed by science.
  • Ingredients you can spell. Except ashwagandha.

    No fillers. No preservatives. No BS. Only powerful, real food ingredients you can (mostly) pronounce.

  • Backed by NDs, PhDs, RDs and other people with letters after their name.

    Everything we make is formulated and endorsed by renowned practitioners in integrated health, nutrition, and herbal medicine. Meet our experts HERE.

  • We boldly go where nature hasn’t. (Yet.)

    We never stop seeking ways to combine powerful, all-natural ingredients and superfoods into new formulations. The result: potent, one-of-a-kind, natural nourishment you can’t get anywhere else.

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Our Impact

Eco-conscious. Health-conscious. Socially conscious.

Good for you. Better for our planet.

Filling up landfills? Not on our watch. We’re the first company to offer collagen packaged in post-consumer recycled jars.  And that’s kept over 700,000 jars out of landfills and oceans.

We put our money where your health is.

A healthier community is our core mission. So we proudly offer financial support to community-led programs that focus on issues important to us, like addressing chronic illness and promoting healthy eating.

We break barriers.

As a certified women-owned, minority-owned business, we support diversity and are proud to be a leading voice in the holistic wellness movement.


    We are the first company to offer collagen packaged in post-consumer recycled jars. It’s good for you, and better for our planet.


    We proudly offer a portion of our sales to chronic illness and healthy eating programs that are led by members of our community.


    What started with one woman’s vision, is today realized by three. We’re proud to be a female force in the holistic health movement.

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