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Chipotle Turkey Burgers (Paleo, Whole30 + Dairy-Free)

Chipotle-Turkey-Burgers-Paleo-Whole30-Dairy-Free Further Food

We love burgers, and I could pretty much eat them every day. Sometimes as a burger with lettuce, sometimes in a bowl with other veggies, and other times with rice and eggs. Seriously, burgers are so versatile and easy to make! These chipotle turkey burgers are another great way to enjoy burgers!
We love that these chipotle turkey burgers are a little different than your usual burger. Not only are they turkey instead of beef, but the chipotle seasoning adds a smokiness to the turkey, and combined with the garlic, it is quite delicious! We made a super easy guacamole to go on these burgers, and it is the perfect creamy topping to go with the smoky and slightly spicy burger. Plus, there’s bacon!

There is no prep work to do for these chipotle turkey burgers, just get started by cooking your bacon. While the bacon cooks you can get going on the rest of the ingredients, and this tasty dish will be on the table in just about 30 minutes!

Further Food Commentary:

These turkey burgers are a great alternative to the classic burger if you are wanting to do some weekend barbecuing! Choosing turkey over beef reduces the amount of saturated fat greatly. This guacamole is chockful of nutrients and healthy fats from the avocados. Lastly, the lettuce buns are a great idea to reduce the amount of carbs in this recipe - they are so good you don't even need the bun!


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