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Coffee Collagen Energy Bites

Coffee-Collagen-Energy-Bites Further Food

I love what I do, but I’ll be honest that it requires a lot of energy. Coaching, encouraging people over a microphone, bumping loud music in the perfect high intensity moment of a workout – it all requires me to be “on” for extended periods of time. It leaves me with such a feeling of deep fulfillment, as I see clients and members achieve their goals, hit their fastest mile times, lift more than they thought they could and overcome the challenges of life, but it also requires a lot of good sleep and good caffeine. Caffeine that I prefer to savor in the form of pour-over coffee with almond milk, an iced latte or these incredible energy bites. I was whipping up some energy balls the other day and, inspired by my love for chocolate-covered coffee beans, I thought, “gee, what if I just dumped some ground coffee in here?” Blissful balls boosted with Further Food Collagen Peptides. That’s exactly what resulted from that thought.

These are so darn delicious, with that perfect coffeehouse smell from the ground beans and the right amount of kick to keep you going mid-day! Collagen is all the rage these days, and for good reason (occasionally certain supplements become a “thing” and they’re not all that special, but there is great reason for the excitement around collagen). This is an unflavored protein powder that provides benefits to your hair, skin and nails AND your gut health. Quite the quadruple-whammy. I am someone who has never supplemented for my hair, skin and nails because I’ve never really had to, but wowzers does the regular use of collagen make them even better – glowing skin and really strong nails were the two things I noticed most cause I’ve never struggled in the hair growth department.

Seriously fun fact of the day… Further Food Collagen contains glutamine which is a key amino acid that prevents inflammation of the gut wall and helps heal leaky gut syndrome. So if you’re having some tummy troubles, try adding some collagen to your routine to get your gut in check!

This all means that in one simple, 5-ingredient recipe you are getting gut-boosting, beauty-benefitting, energy-improving goodness, all rolled up into a tasty ball. Boom pow.

Further Food Commentary:

Collagen is made primarily of three amino acids—proline, hydroxyproline and glycine-which help our bodies carry out important functions, such as building and repairing muscles and tissues. Proline and glycine are essential amino acids and need to be consumed through our diet or through supplementing with collagen because our bodies cannot make them.


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