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Easy Kale, Mushroom, Quinoa Miso Soup

Easy-Kale-Mushroom-Quinoa-Miso-Soup Further Food

I am someone who loves big flavor, so eliminating onions, garlic and any strong spices due to laryngopharyngeal reflux is sometimes a major bummer. This recipe came about when I was feeling under the weather and couldn’t find a soup recipe that didn’t call for onions or garlic to flavor it! Enter: miso! This soup is insanely simple, big in bold miso flavor, and extremely pleasing to the gut! I make it for breakfast, lunch or dinner as a healthy and yummy comfort food.

Further Food Commentary:

What a great combination of flavors and ingredients to create this soup! Containing all essential amino acids, miso is a complete protein, optimizing availability of all nutrients! Use of miso paste can aid in digestion and restore beneficial probiotics to intestines. With its sweet/salty flavor, it can be used in an array of recipes, with the miso on hand, why not use it as a dairy alternative to milk, butter or salt in soups or puree with tofu and lemon juice instead of using sour cream! However, with all foods, miso should be used in moderation, not exceeding more than 2 teaspoons per day as one's body will respond to excess salty taste, craving additional sweets, liquids and fruit.


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