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Healthy Matcha Margarita (No Sugar Added, Low Carb)

Healthy-Matcha-Margarita-No-Sugar-Added-Low-Carb Further Food

I have to say I outdid myself this time! This drink made with Further Food Superfood Matcha is really delicious! Made with fresh orange and lime juice, this Matcha Margarita is a perfect refreshing drink. You get some brain-boosting benefits and lots of antioxidants from the matcha, wheatgrass and fresh juices.

If I didn’t have to work tonight, I’d be making another one right now!

Further Food Commentary:

Matcha cocktails are becoming more and more popular. Why not get some extra health benefits the next time you want a cocktail? Matcha is packed with antioxidants, helps boost the metabolism, enhances mood and also promotes relaxation. With only 125 calories per serving this Healthy Matcha Margarita is a great way to add Matcha into your diet while also enjoying the occasional cocktail!


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