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Maple Tahini Collagen Bliss Balls

Maple-Tahini-Collagen-Bliss-Balls Further Food

Further Food Commentary:

Yum! This bliss ball is a unique twist from the usual bliss ball flavor profile. Tahini is made of sesame seeds, so this paste has all the same great benefits as whole sesame seeds. Just one tablespoon has 7% of your iron intake, 6% of your calcium, and 3% of your magnesium intake for the day! It is so versatile, you can put it in almost anything. Chia seeds have great health value - just 2 tablespoons has 9% of your daily protein and 40% of your daily fiber! Chia seeds are a great ingredient to add, especially if you are vegetarian. And we can't forget the collagen! Adding scoops of Further Food Collagen into your daily meals can not only improve your hair and nail growth but can also repair your gut lining to keep your gut nice and healthy.


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