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Super Collagen Bone Broth

Super-Collagen-Bone-Broth Further Food

If you haven’t heard, the best health elixir of the year is bone broth—and it’s an incredible mix of minerals and healing goodness in a hot, soothing soup! Our Super Collagen Bone Broth boasts plenty of health benefits, due to the exquisite combination of chicken, vegetables and earthy spices. The veggies, already packed with vitamins A and C, provide the fiber and iron we need in such a simple way. The chicken bones and added collagen peptides give us essential proteins to keep our own bones healthy and pain-free! Antioxidants, digestive soothers and vitamin C are just a few of the benefits of the spices, including thyme and dill. But feel free to play with these! We love a little variation of flavor. Make a whole bunch and you’ll be delightedly supplying your body with this hot soup for days!

Further Food Commentary:

With fall on the way, soup season is right around the corner. Instead of using sodium-and-preservative-packed store-bought broths, try making your own with this simple recipe. After mixing the ingredients, the broth is fine to be left alone to develop, so this recipe takes virtually no time at all to prepare. Since it requires real chicken bones, there is more protein, calcium, and iron than typical broths and the vegetables load it with vitamins A and C. This recipe is certainly worth preparing for the upcoming cold months!


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