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Superfood Matcha Detox Iced Tea Boosted with Mushrooms and Ashwagandha

Superfood-Matcha-Detox-Iced-Tea-Boosted-with-Mushrooms-and-Ashwagandha Further Food

Forget plain black iced teas… supercharge your health and stay hydrated with MATCHA detox iced tea that’s been boosted with superfoods such as cordyceps mushrooms, ashwagandha, ginger, and wheatgrass! I love having this as an after lunch pick-me-up and serving it up to guests on a nice summer day. I don’t use a sweetener, but you can add some honey or lightly sweetened nut milk to make it a delicious matcha milk tea taste.

SO the secret to why this matcha iced tea is so much healthier for you than regular iced tea and other matcha teas is that it’s made using Superfood Matcha. You may already know that matcha has 137x the amount of antioxidants as other teas! But Mindful Matcha also has some wheatgrass in it, which doubles the source of antioxidants in your tea. PLUS, Superfood Matcha has organic Cordyceps mushrooms (provides energy and reduces fatigue), organic Ashwagandha (reduces stress and improved mood), AND organic ginger (improves digestion).

I have been so lucky to have worked with our Master Herbalists who helped develop Superfood Matcha to maximize the health benefits for our Further Food community. I hope you enjoy this supercharged Mindful Matcha Iced Tea.

Further Food Commentary:

Matcha doesn't always need to be hot! Enjoy it cold with our matcha iced tea recipe which is a refreshing post-workout libation! Matcha is perfect for after your workout because it is known to help boost your metabolism and burn calories thanks to the polyphenol EGCG that matcha contains in great amounts. EGCG has also been shown to help fight off free radicals in the body and even has anti-cancer properties!


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