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Get Up and Dance says Celebrity Fitness Trainer Nicole Winhoffer!

Get-Up-and-Dance-says-Celebrity-Fitness-Trainer-Nicole-Winhoffer Further Food
Nicole Winhoffer, celebrity fitness trainer and dancer, gives advice on how to get connected to your higher self and provides a free dance video. Check out the video here! As a trainer on Khloe Kardashian's Season 2 Revenge Body and a global fitness artist with a passion for dance, my advice is to Get up and Move! I've worked with the best in the world - Oscar winners like Jennifer Connelly and Rachel Weisz, Grammy winners like Mya and Madonna, and celebrated designers like Stella McCartney. And I'll say one thing, they are connected to their higher self! Your spirit is the all-knowing self. Your spirit is stronger than the thinking mind, the feeling heart, and the doing-body. Your spirit is the highest self. It knows who you really are on the deepest level, all solutions to challenges, and the next steps you can take to feel better. How to activate your spirit and higher sense of self? Here I am! I created the NW Method as a workout to help connect your mind, heart, physical body, and spirit to align to your higher self. Through music, movements, and dancing - you can enhance your life. How? Through dance, you can connect the mind, heart, body and spirit. Dancing helps to activate both both your left and right brain, and becomes a moving meditation. Dance helps to unleash your soul and spirit and elevate you to your higher self. Connecting to your spirit is vital to your well-being, and crucial to helping you feel your best. My recommendation to all my clients and to you is very simple: just get up and dance! You’ll become connected to all parts of your mind and body and hopefully have some fun! Try my videos and dance like no one is watching! Get more inspiration and dance videos from Nicole Winhoffer here Ready to cut sugar out from your life? Take the #SugarPledge and sign up for our 10 Day Sugar Detox Plan here Want to read more? Yoga and Your Brain Health Connection Explained by Max Lugavere Nikki Sharp’s 5 Rules on How Long You Should be Working Out Leslie Sansone Work Out Video to Walk Away Your Sugar Cravings! Quick Full Body Workout for the Sugar Detox Challenge

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