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7 Snacks to Stop Sugar Cravings by Famed NYC Nutritionist Dana James

7-Snacks-to-Stop-Sugar-Cravings-by-Famed-NYC-Nutritionist-Dana-James Further Food
Oh no. The sweet treats are luring you. (Again!) We’re at our weakest from 4 to 10 p.m., and, for the most part, we give into sugar cravings more than we’d like to. Maybe you’ve tried the dark chocolate thing, but then the entire bar somehow disappears in two days. And you’ve tried going cold turkey on all sugar, including fruit, only to find yourself eating an entire container of nuts. (It’s sugar-free right?!) What’s a sugar-craving person to do? Here’s a tip: Think raw food! Here are seven delectable substitutions to stop sugar cravings. 1. Green Vegetable Juice This is the most power-packed option of them all. A good trick for your taste buds is adding cucumbers as they become naturally sweet when juiced. If green vegetables juices are new to you, add 1/2 an apple to sweeten it. And if you don’t have time to juice, pick up a cold-pressed juice on the go or, even better, keep them in your refrigerator at work and at home for when a craving strikes! 2. Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding Make this by soaking 3 tablespoons of chia seed in 12 oz. of unsweetened vanilla almond milk for 15 minutes. Add a pinch of cinnamon and ground vanilla bean to sweeten the pudding. Vanilla is known for decreasing sugar cravings, while cinnamon helps to regulate blood glucose levels so you’re not looking for another sugar hit 30 minutes later! Talk about stopping sugar cravings in their tracks! 3. Coconut Water with a Squeeze of Lime Pour coconut water over ice and add a touch of lime juice. This is a refreshing option that not only abates a sugar craving, but also provides hydrating potassium and mood-boosting magnesium. 4. Pear Slices Dipped in Tahini Cut the pear into slices and serve it on plate with 1 tablespoon of tahini. Dip the pear slices into the tahini. Fruit is a simple way to stop sugar cravings and if it’s just one serving (about a cup), it won’t spike your blood sugar levels. Further Food 10 Day Sugar Detox 5. Chocolate Almond Milk with a Cinnamon Stick Pour unsweetened chocolate almond milk into a glass and serve it with a cinnamon stick. This is a very low-calorie option at 40 calories for 8 oz. and will help stop a sugar craving right away. 6. Two Fresh Apricots Take two fresh apricots, which are loaded with skin nourishing carotenoids, and slice them into quarters to serve on a plate. Be present when you eat and notice how deliciously sweet the apricots are. This sweetness will stop sugar cravings right away! 7. Raw Flax Crackers with Almond Butter Choose raw flax crackers (raw means they are gluten-free) and top them with some nut butter. The fiber in flax seeds helps to decrease the appetite, while the almond butter sweetens them and gives you a little protein boost. What if these substitutions don’t work? If these tricks don’t help curb your sugar cravings, it’s possible there’s an emotional reason you’re craving sugar. Go easy on yourself, and consider the root causes of your emotions. Remember, it’s about the choices we make every day over the long haul, so focus on one choice at a time. And celebrate your small successes… with… an apricot! Or some green vegetable juice! Further Food 10 Day Sugar Detox Want to read more? Your brain on sugar. It affects more than you think. 7 Sugar Free Desserts (and Snacks) To Satisfy Your Cravings 5 Surprising Reasons Why Sugar is Making You Age Faster! 10 Life Hacks to Cut Out Sugar Forever from a Registered Dietitian You Can Trust

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