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How Good Is Your Health Mojo? Take a Quiz by Expert Dr. Taz Bhatia To See How You Score!

How-Good-Is-Your-Health-Mojo-Take-a-Quiz-by-Expert-Dr.-Taz-Bhatia-To-See-How-You-Score Further Food
Integrative Health expert Dr. Tasneem Bhatia has helped hundreds of women lose weight and achieve their optimal health. In her practice, Dr. Taz has found that a lot of her patients are so overwhelmed with their multiple roles, such as businesswoman, mother, spouse etc. that they cannot prioritize good health. In her new book SuperWomanRX, Dr. Taz discusses this “superwoman syndrome” and how women need to find the personalized health program that fits their body and personality. In this excerpt, Dr. Taz provides a quiz to help you determine if you still got your mojo. Go ahead, take the quiz and see how you score! Your Mojo Meter: Taking Your Pulse Have you lost It? Has your mojo gone missing or your spark gone dark? I know you can get IT—your mojo—back. You will go back to lighting up a room, warming a space, and spreading your vibrancy through everything you touch. I see it all the time. In fact, my favorite moments in practice are when I get to see the light come back on in a woman’s eyes, when her face glows and she transforms from dim and dull to bright and full. I could not have asked for a better job. It’s my purpose and my passion—getting you back to you. When I first meet a new patient at my practice, CentreSpring MD, I spend a few hours on her care. That might seem like a lot, especially since the average doctor’s visit runs all of 10 minutes, but I think getting to know you is crucial. I want you to think in the same way. This chapter is your new-patient appointment in print form. Don’t worry—it won’t take you as long as it takes me since you already know you! What Exactly Is the Mojo Meter? Your mojo is your spark or your energy, verve, joyfulness, vigor, inspiration, enthusiasm, passion, inner light, divine goddess. Whatever you want to call IT, you want IT working in tip-top shape. Think back again to a day you felt truly happy and beautiful. Well, that was just a mini dose of mojo—I’m going to show you how to turn that fleeting feeling into Super Energy and make it last every moment of every day! The sort of mojo I’m talking about tapping into is your source of a true zest for life, or the get-up-and-go type of energy that gets you excited to experience all the blessings and opportunities in the hours ahead. That energy begins with your health and with the realization that you have to periodically check in with yourself to understand where you are on the spectrum of health and happiness. A mantra here or there can help, a vitamin B12 shot may get you through the week, but to get and keep all of your inner super powers fully and optimally charged at all times, you have to be able to put all the pieces of you together. That means knowing how to do an inner self-analysis of where you are right at this very moment. That’s just what the Mojo Meter does: It’s your check-in, checkup, and your way to check out where you are at this period of time in your life. Instead of searching on Dr. Google, you can use your knowledge of yourself (you are the expert) to take the following test to get a balanced and objective picture of you (this is how you begin to biohack your health). By checking everything from your energy levels to the quality of your mood, the condition of your hair and skin, and even your periods (yes, we’re going to talk about that and more), you’ll be able to see where you need a little help, a stronger nudge, or a full-on intervention. This test will help you to know whether you need a rest, a boost, or a complete overhaul. The Test It’s time to dive in and take your pulse. Answer the following questions True or False based on how you’d rate the last few months of your life. Don’t overthink it; just go with the first instinctive response that pops up. Go with the answer that comes to you within the first 10 seconds after reading the question. Answering this way will give you a vivid snapshot of your energy level and health right now. You’ll use this baseline to know where to go next. And you’ll return and retake this test as you move through your 3-Week Power Plan and beyond. The Mojo Meter Part A 1. I look forward to waking up every morning. T | F 2. I get dressed easily in the morning. T | F 3. I have clothes that I love and feel confident wearing. T | F 4. I eat breakfast at home, before checking e-mails. T | F 5. I assemble and plan my food for the day. T | F 6. I have shiny, healthy hair. T | F 7. I have clear, smooth skin. T | F 8. I am within 5 pounds in either direction of my ideal weight. T | F 9. I have strong nails. T | F 10. I am content with my figure and appearance. T | F 11. I have boundless energy throughout the day. T | F 12. I have good focus and concentration. T | F 13. I feel mentally sharp. T | F 14. I don’t lose my words or forget things. T | F 15. I look forward to going to work. T | F 16. I look forward to coming home. T | F 17. I am free of pain. T | F 18. I have regular and consistent menstrual cycles. T | F 19. I am actively in an intimate relationship. T | F 20. I have found my life partner. T | F 21. I have a strong, supportive family. T | F 22. I am surrounded by community. T | F 23. I have found a way to connect to my spirit. T | F 24. I love where I live. T | F Part B 25. I suffer from frequent headaches. T | F 26. I have interrupted sleep more than three nights per week. T | F 27. I am battling hair loss. T | F 28. I have acne and/or eczema. T | F 29. I have unexplained weight gain. T | F 30. I am unhappy with my weight. T | F 31. I am unhappy with my figure. T | F 32. I dread having to dress or enter my closet. T | F 33. I hesitate to turn on lights in the bathroom. T | F 34. I hesitate to get on the scale. T | F 35. I have frequent indigestion. T | F 36. I have irregular periods. T | F 37. I have had a chronic illness or disease in the last 5 years. T | F 38. I have terrible PMS or perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms. T | F 39. I have chronic pain. T | F 40. I have joint swelling or joint pain. T | F 41. I am in a difficult or disjointed relationship. T | F 42. I am estranged from family or lack family. T | F 43. I do not have a companion. T | F 44. I hate my job. T | F 45. I detest the career I have chosen. T | F 46. I am seeking a life change and not sure how to get there. T | F 47. I crash through the day and it is difficult to sustain my energy. T | F 48. I have crying episodes. T | F 49. I have poor motivation. T | F 50. I find it difficult to concentrate. T | F 51. I suffer from overthinking/mind racing. T | F 52. I do not maintain connection to my spirit. T | F Scoring Add up the True answers as follows: For questions in Part A, numbers 1 to 24, every True answer = 1. Add them all up (you will have a positive number). Write your number here: _____. For questions in Part B, numbers 25 to 52, each True answer = -1. Add them all up (you will have a negative number). Write your number here: _____. Now add Part A and Part B together. The equation will look like this: A + (-B) or A—B (since B will be a negative number). If you scored: 19 to 24: Congratulations! Your mojo is at a max right now, so go for it. Find that dream job, start your family, or launch a fund for world peace. Whatever your vision, you are in a good place to embrace it. Just don’t get overconfident. Appreciate where you are now, and use the Super Woman Rx to reinforce and stabilize your already healthy and happy life. This is a reference book for your entire life, and you can still take it to the next level. Plus, life will still happen. Chances are, you will hit speed bumps when you are not at your peak, challenges that will require you to ramp up your defenses, or transitions that need addressing. Continue on with the next chapters to help you reinforce your motivation to keep on doing the right things for you, and to shed some light to how you can do even better. Plan on retaking the Mojo Meter every 4 months. 7 to 18: Caution, slippery slopes ahead. It’s time to do a bit of digging. You are starting to lose your edge and could use some leveling and balancing out. Your score indicates that you are seeing early warning signs that the life you are living and the way you’re taking care of yourself may not really maximize your energy and your super powers. It’s time to get started. Over the next chapters, you’ll learn how to pinpoint exactly what your unique Super Woman needs to thrive. While your mojo shows many strong areas, there are regions that need improvement. In the next chapter you’ll be able to pinpoint your unique type and know how to specifically address the energy areas that need a boost. 1 to 6: Repairs and restoration required. Proceed with caution. Your score indicates that you’re out of touch with your super powers and need a tune-up. You need to stop and check in, or you will soon be checked out. Your health is drained on more than one front; let’s work to get you back on track. The Super Woman Rx will empower you to get on the right eating, exercise, and mental health plan to get back into balance and operating at your optimal level of health and happiness. Read on. -27 to 0: Major overhauling needed! Halt! Stop what you are doing and read this book! Your mojo is in trouble. You are checked out, disconnected, and divided from yourself. It’s time to get started on some major rehab work. You are obviously in the middle of some spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional crisis. In the next chapter you’ll learn how to begin assembling your team of health interventionists and supporters: your family members, friends, doctors, counselors, and so on. It’s time to take action. You now know where you stand. This will help you to move forward clearly and consciously, with the motivation, desire, and hunger you need to tap into your super powers. There is no happy without healthy, and no passion without chemistry, so let’s get your mojo back—claim IT and own IT. How? First you have to find your unique fingerprint—your Power Type and the formula that will super charge your mojo. Reprinted from Super Woman Rx by Tasneem Bhatia, MD. Copyright (c) 2017 by Tasneem Bhatia, MD. By permission of Rodale Books. Available wherever books are sold and at https://doctortaz.com/superwomanrx/. BE HEALTHY EVERY DAY with Further Food Collagen Peptides! Collagen heals your body from the inside out. Learn more here! Want to read more? The Kundalini Awakening: Why this Practice is Surpassing Vinyasa How Positive Thinking Can Truly Heal Digital Detox Anyone? 5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Social Media Age Toxic Relationships Can Harm Your Health. Here’s 6 Relationship Detox Tips From Dr. Will Cole

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