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How Positive Thinking Can Truly Heal

How Positive Thinking Can Truly Heal
I love myself, I love myself, I love myself… I’m wealthy, I’m rich, I’m abundant… I can’t tell you the amount of times I stared in the mirror and said those words hoping to cultivate more self-esteem, self-love and confidence so I could attract the relationship, money and success I wanted into my life. I’d say them over and over again every single day, but no matter what I tried, I never believed what I was saying and, therefore, didn’t take any sort of positive action to get what I wanted. My positive affirmations would quickly be followed by very negative thinking… It’s NEVER going to happen. I’m not meant to get the things I want. These stupid affirmations are NOT working. I should just settle and accept this is as good as it’s going to get. What did those types of thoughts attract? More frustration and anger. The Energy and Emotions of Words Words are extremely powerful because they immediately affect how you feel. Repeat the statements below and test it out. You’ll either feel great because you believe what you’re saying or defeated because you feel like you’re telling yourself a lie. I love myself. I’m wealthy and abundant. I’m healthy and motivated. Every emotion carries a specific energetic vibration. Positive emotions emit higher frequencies and negative emotions emit lower frequencies. And the energy you put out is what gets pulled back in towards you. So if you’re constantly feeling negative about yourself, your circumstances and your ability to create the life you want…well, you’re going to be more likely to make that your reality. On the other hand, if you have a more positive outlook about your life, you will have much more promising results. However, it can be downright frustrating when you keep repeating an affirmation over and over and over again, hoping to change how you feel and don’t feel any different. Why isn’t it working? The issue is not the affirmation, the issue is what’s blocking you from feeling the transformative power of the affirmation. What’s Blocking You 99.9 percent of you is made up of energy. And energy moves. When you feel confident, loving, compassionate and just all mushy and warm inside, the energy within you is flowing freely. But when you experience any kind of trauma (mental, physical, emotional), that energy gets trapped. You can feel it being restricted: you’re tense, tight, blocked. Why You Feel Stuck Your body is designed to digest and process emotions just like it is designed to digest and process food. When you don’t have the tools to do that, your emotions (energy in motion) gets stuck in your system, causing you to react in ways you normally wouldn’t. For example, blowing up at the man who walked by you on the street because he bumped into your shoulder and didn’t say sorry. Or reaching for the wine or chocolate every time you get into a fight with your spouse or feel stressed out. Over time, these repetitive behaviors will program your subconscious mind, making it hard — but not impossible — to change. So as you keep trying to tell yourself “you’re healthy” or “you’re happy” with this trapped energy, you’re never going to believe what you’re saying and create the life you want. It’s kind of like repeatedly running head first into a brick wall hoping it will fall down. Taking Down the Brick Wall of Stuckness When you can release the trapped energy and reprogram your subconscious mind:
  • You won’t have to depend on willpower to make healthy choices
  • You won’t find yourself in the same negative relationships and situations over and over again
  • And you’ll be operating from a more confident, courageous and empowered place.
You will feel supported and attract more positive people and opportunities into your life. You’ll be living life as your true self instead of your fearful self. The first step in removing the blocks is to get real with yourself — practice more awareness. It’s when our fears and doubts hide that they have the power to sabotage our best efforts or keep us from making an effort in the first place. When we bring more awareness to them, without judgement, that simple act begins to destroy them. The only way to remove the darkness is to shine light on it. More to come on practicing awareness… in the meantime, here is your assignment for today. Answer the two questions below: 1. What is something you’ve been trying to achieve, something you so desperately want, but you just don’t believe you can have it? 2. What would change if you did believe you could have it? Want more? You might also like: This Doctor Prescribes 8 Steps to Heal Your Gut to Lose Weight and Reverse Chronic Illness Is Your Type-A Lifestyle Putting You on Track for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Living with a Chronic Disease? 5 Tools You Can Turn to On Your Toughest Days An Open Letter To Anyone Who Asks “How Are You” to Someone with a Chronic Illness Note: PLEASE consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medications. The material on this site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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