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3-Ingredient Matcha Truffles

3-Ingredient-Matcha-Truffles Further Food

3 ingredients is all it takes to make these low fat, raw, vegan, paleo matcha truffles. I flippin’ LOVE simplicity! And who doesn’t love a super easy and quick no-bake recipe?! Further Food’s Superfood Matcha contains a boost of superfoods, cordyceps mushroom, and even ashwagandha! These matcha truffles will keep you energized all day and are perfect to eat on-the-go.

Further Food Commentary:

I'm a big fan of dates! They are high in fiber (7 grams fiber in a 3 ounce serving), plus they contain antioxidants which protect your cells from free radicals. Dates are delicious on their own, but they also are great to use in recipes such as this one. The Superfood Matcha adds a nice earthy flavor, and you'll get additional antioxidants benefits from the matcha. This is the ultimate power treat!


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