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Brain Boosting Protein Packed Avocado Green Smoothie

Brain-Boosting-Protein-Packed-Avocado-Green-Smoothie Further Food

That’s right—we have taken one of the most loved foods out there, and made it into a delicious smoothie! This avocado smoothie is the perfect example of a yummy and healthy drink. Post-workout, for breakfast or as an afternoon snack: drink it whenever you desire a creamy, sweet yet low-sugar smoothie option. AIP and paleo-friendly, it also helps alleviate any nasty health condition symptoms and make your day much happier!

Further Food Commentary:

This beautiful green smoothie takes advantage of avocado as a rich, creamy base, and banana for sweetness without added sugars. Both of these ingredients are good sources of potassium, making it a good post-workout option. If you may want to bump up the protein even more you can swap the 8 oz of rice or hemp milk for higher-protein unsweetened soy milk (0.7 g or 3 g protein, respectively vs. 8 g), or add 1/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt for even more creaminess.


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