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Dark Chocolate Collagen Peppermint Cookies

Dark-Chocolate-Collagen-Peppermint-Cookies Further Food

These Dark Chocolate Collagen Peppermint Cookies are a delicious chocolate-y, minty treat that the entire family will love! We've added Further Food Chocolate Marine Collagen to these peppermint cookies, which provides a nice chocolate and collagen boost! Marine collagen helps improve the appearance of skin, while also helping to strengthen bones and joints.

This Chocolate Marine Collagen also contains reishi mushrooms, which are known for their immune supporting benefits-and for being mood boosters! Another things we love about the Chocolate Marine Collagen is that it doesn't contain any added sugars! And, it tastes delicious! Make these cookies with your kids, for the holiday get-together, or simply because you are craving a rich, chocolate treat. Enjoy!

Further Food Commentary

Adding collagen into your baked goods is a great way to add some extra nutritional and health benefits to your sweet treats! Marine collagen is the most bioavailable form of collagen, meaning it absorbs into the body quickly. Marine collagen is particularly beneficial to skin health, helping to smooth wrinkles and giving you a healthy glow. Marine collagen can also support gut and joint health. You can either use unflavored collagen which won't affect the taste of your recipes, or use the Chocolate Marine Collagen, which will add a rich, chocolate flavor to your recipes.


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