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Fluffy Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Muffins with Flaxmeal

Fluffy-Healthy-Blueberry-Yogurt-Muffins-with-Flaxmeal Further Food

I’m always trying to create “healthy” treats that are higher in fiber, use fresh fruit, and are lower in fat. I’ve discovered flaxmeal, which has tons of protein and omegas! And that yogurt is amazing in muffins! It gives them a sweetness and moistness and combined with the eggs and a bit of oil provide muffins with a slight crisp on the outside and are moist and fluffy on the inside!

Further Food Commentary:

These muffins look delicious. The addition of yogurt provides good protein and calcium, and the combination of oatmeal and bran bring tons of both insoluble and soluble fiber to the recipe. For the oil, if you use canola, make sure it is organic and expeller pressed. Another alternative would be to use avocado oil, which has tons of monounsaturated fats, and no taste (so it won't take away from the blueberry flavor).


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