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Matcha Cacao Collagen Cookies (Gluten-Free, Low-Carb)

Matcha-Cacao-Collagen-Cookies-Gluten-Free-Low-Carb Further Food

Talk about a SUPERFOOD cookie, these Matcha Cacao Collagen cookies were made with Further Food Collagen to taste rich and delicious, give you an antioxidant boost and provide gut healing benefits!

Further Food Commentary:

Rich and satisfying, these matcha cacao collagen cookies are delicious! Matcha can give an added antioxidant boost to anything and these cookies are no exception. Matcha also packs an energy punch so these cookies are perfect for that afternoon slump when it is too late in the day to load up on caffeine! Thanks to our collagen peptides, each cookie contains 2g of protein and gut healing benefits!


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