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Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies

Matcha-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies Further Food

These delicious Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Further Food Matcha Collagen are our new favorite sweet treat!

These matcha cookies are so simple to make-just mix the dry and wet ingredients together, scoop onto a cookie sheet and bake. 15 minutes later you will have gooey and rich healthy matcha cookies that the entire family will go crazy for!

The Matcha Collagen gives these matcha chocolate chip cookies a subtle, smooth almost umami-like flavor, plus you get lots of benefits from both the collagen and the matcha. Collagen peptides are known for their many benefits, including strengthening hair, skin and nails and promoting gut & joint health. And matcha has been enjoyed for centuries, both for its taste and ability to promote sustained energy without the jitters.

Time to start baking!

Further Food Commentary:

The matcha green tea powder in these cookies is a powerful antioxidant, which includes the catechin EGCG and the amino acid, L-theonine. The combination of the naturally occurring caffeine in matcha with L-theonine gives you sustained energy without the jitters. In addition to that, matcha has been recognized for its ability to boost metabolism and even help strengthen the immune system.


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