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To Anyone Questioning If Diet Changes Can Cure Cancer. Hear My Story.


When I was a teenager, I would take trips with my mother to Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, who went there for asthma treatments at a wellness spa. I was convinced that I wouldn’t actually benefit from the experience, but it’s actually when my fascination with health and wellness began. The twists and turns of life (including combating cancer) have taken me full circle, and now nutrition and helping others lead a healthy and happy life have become my career and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.


After graduating from college, I worked long, hard hours fueled by caffeine. I was determined to become a “successful” businesswoman. Nothing would stop me.

Then I felt a lump. When my doctor told me I had Hodgkins Lymphoma, I couldn’t believe it. I was only 32 — I wasn’t supposed to get cancer. I had gotten married and was going to start a family. I thought I was healthy and headed toward an exciting time in my life.

The doctor recommended chemotherapy and radiation, but after a few treatments I felt like the “solution” was worse than the problem. The treatments were harsh and my intuition was telling me that my body needed something else. I thought back to the lessons I learned from my mom on her health and wellness trips, and a light bulb went off. I realized that, in addition to medical treatment, my body needed nourishment and love. I felt strongly about this realization, so after a lot of research and consideration, I shortened my radiation regimen and pursued an alternative path.

I left my job, began managing my stress and doing yoga, and learned that good food wasn’t always healthy food. I began juicing and eating a more plant-based diet — within a few months I truly felt great and went into remission.

Happily married to my husband Marc, my dreams of growing a family together came true and we had two beautiful daughters. Then, cancer entered my life again. But not for me. This time it was Marc’s health that began to fail, nine years after I had gone into remission. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma sounded terrifying, and it was.

Marc’s doctors convinced him to begin immediate chemotherapy and radiation. He spent time in and out of hospitals as his immune system weakened. After an 18-month battle, it wasn’t cancer that took his life — it was infection. The treatment that was supposed to cure him contributed to his untimely death at 45. I can’t even begin to describe the devastation I felt. My partner was gone, my daughters’ father was no longer in their lives. How could this have happened? How were we supposed to go on and feel happy without him?

Day by day we began healing as a family, learning to live this new normal. While our grieving took time, our loss also provided clarity and started me on a path I know was meant for me. I went back to school at the American University of Complementary Medicine in Los Angeles and became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Years later, here I am, working with people from every walk of life to help them cleanse their bodies and their lives.


My run-ins with cancer showed me the importance of what I had learned as a teenager on the trips with my mother. The old saying that “you are what you eat” couldn’t be more true. Food was the root of many of the problems I saw in life, and it could be the solution too.

I believe that no matter your story, you can cleanse your body and, through nutrition, lead a happier and healthier life. Many people think that cleansing means starving yourself or drinking juices all day. That’s not true. I’ve designed a number of cleanses that include healthy juices and food.


We are a product of the things we eat and the way we treat ourselves. I’m happy to be able to say that I am cancer-free and feel great. That’s why I’m on a mission to help others be open to other approaches when it comes to healing. I want everyone to experience the joy I’ve found in good health.

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99 thoughts on “To Anyone Questioning If Diet Changes Can Cure Cancer. Hear My Story.

  1. Georgina Cornish

    My husband has Lymphoma and I have been told by numerous times that I am very healthy for a 65year old. I met dear Professor Erit. He wrote a book called Mucous free food. I read it when I was 19 and never looked back.

  2. Susie Ellis

    My Daughter has stage 4 lymphatic cancer. Has not started medical treatment yet. She is taking Texas Superfood. What kind of diet would benefit her?

  3. Joanne Hijazi

    Hi I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Whipple. Surgery was done and cancer is gone. I just found out 3 days ago the cancer metastasized to my liver and to the perineal lining of my abdomen. I will be going to chemo again not sure how many rounds but I would like to find out more information on a healthier way to kill these cancer cells.

    1. Recipe Team

      Hi Joanne: We are so sorry to hear about your diagnosis! If you would like to learn more about how Elissa dealt with her cancer and/or potentially work with her, you can reach out to her directly through her website
      Wishing you good luck.

  4. Marnita McRae

    I was dx with triple negative breast cancer 9/2000. I have gone through chemo, lumpectomy and radiation. I am cancer free but I am experiencing other things from after having 4 months of chemotherapy. My neurologist say I have chronic neuropathy and chronic lymphedema. Can you help?

  5. RE Illinois

    I had Basal CellThymic Carcinoma stage 3 in 2020, beat it with radiation, chemo & surgery. It came back in 2 lymph nodes in my neck less than a year later. I went pescatarian immediately after the diagnosis. I’ve always been healthy and always an athlete. I was a runner my entire life and worked out at least 5 days a week. I’ve low carbed for over 20 years. I still workout 5 days a week, the chemo took my knees so I walk 6 mi a day on average. I started immunotherapy this past August and my scans still aren’t great. What more can I do? I’m so very frustrated.

  6. Francisco Hicks

    I’m a living proof that you can be cured from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Lymphomas are blood cancers” in the lymph nodes. They develop more frequently in older adults and in compromised individuals. After years of living with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I was cured naturally with the use of World Rehabilitate Clinic herbal formula, with a period of (3) three weeks I was recovering. In 2019 I begin using World Rehabilitate Clinic herbal formula specialises in internal and pulmonary medicine at ( worldrehabilitateclinic. com )

  7. Lionel Robson

    I was prescribed Bendamustine in October 2021 and I am half way through the treatment. for level 1 and 2 LymphomaI. Initially I told the consultant that when I was a child I was given Streptomycin when I had German measles which caused me to lose my hearing in my left ear and which eventually led to to Meniers syndrom which was eventually cured by completely leaving out salt in my diet.
    Now the consultant never warned me that Bendamustine was extremely dangerous for those with hearing problems and I have developed tinnitus in my right ear amongst a whole lot of other problems from the drug and other tablets I was given, hives, red spots al over my back, breathlessness, eye itching, pain in my hips etc.
    I am really angry because I know there is no cure for tinnitus and I have been transformed from an otherwise healthy person into a wreck.
    I don’t want to carry on with the chemotherapy and I am looking for an effective way of curing my cancer. Am I giving myself a death sentence ?
    I was extremely heathy, walking on average 4 miles a day, five days a week for the past 22 years, aerobic exercises and swimming., I am not obese, very rarely drink alcohol, and don’t smoke. My cholesterol levels and other markers are very good.
    What is your advice?

  8. Keith Rollings

    I have had Hodgkins Lymphoma four times now with lots of chemo, from 2016 to now. Am thinking of goung natural curing. I am a 71 year old vietnam vetran and was exposed to agent orange and roundup. Hope you can help.

  9. Jessa

    Why did he not follow your recipes? I’m so confused about treatment offered to me but scare that’ll trigger F L. Mine ,they said, is low grade
    Thank you.

  10. Sandra Angelica Castillo

    Hi today I was just diagnosed w lymphoma. I really don’t want to do chemo, I rather focus in a natural way of healing me. I don’t even know where to start. Maybe a holistic dr or just maybe some good tips to focus on. Thank you

    1. Recipe Team

      Hi Sandra: So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. What you eat (or don’t eat) can play a huge role in your health. you may find it helpful to work with a holistic doctor or nutritionist in addition to your regular care provider. We wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

  11. Lisa Woodward

    Regina, my 20 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Of course the doctors recommended chemotherapy immediately. Scared and not knowing what else to do we scheduled to have her port installed and her first treatment 5 days later. My daughter has been thru a lot of trauma this year unrelated to her diagnosis, so she is very mentally and emotionally fragile. I was terrified at what the effects of the chemo would have on her already vulnerable mental and emotional state as well as her physical well being. After some research she decided she wanted to take a natural approach, so we just completed our second week of plant based eating, we take daily vitamins and we started a 30 day detox today. As a mother I am terrified for my daughter and constantly wonder if we are doing the right thing. My son suggested I find a holistic doctor. I have been unable to find one in our area. Can you please offer some guidance? I would travel the country if I have to, I just want her to beat this and be able to live the life as a normal, healthy 20 year old girl.

    1. Recipe Team

      Hi Lisa: Thanks for reaching out. We are so sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis, and can understand how difficult this must be for you and your daughter. It certainly sounds like you will want to consult with a holistic doctor or nutritionist for personal guidance. Many doctors offer virtual appointments, so you may not need to travel to get a consultation. If you would like to contact Elissa directly, we can reach out to her to see if she is available to have a consultation with you. Let us know.

  12. Dawn Marie Wallace

    My all most 16 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. They want to start chemo right away. I want to know every possible way before we do chemo. She also has ITP. Please help if possible!

  13. Regina

    Your message is inspiring. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read your message. My friend’s husband just found out he has chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma. I sent her some articles on diet and what foods to eat and to avoid. What do you suggest?

  14. Juliet Pacturan

    I have rashes and problem in mu skin and pain my back bones this is lymph i want to kniw what to do what best food to eat to help my blood recover and fight for this problem

  15. nicole vought

    I want more information on a diet plan I ahve follicular lymphoma. Just beat large diffused b cell lymphoma

  16. Tina

    HI Elissa
    Thank you for sharing your story. I have just been diagnosed with Mantle cell Lymphoma a week ago and i don’t know what to eat! There seem to be so many conflicting schools of thought on the internet. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you have.

  17. Sandra

    I soo needed to read this and truly believe these words. I am in the process of wanting and determined to go to plant based foods but need guidance as to where or how to start. I need a sample of a menu bc what I seem to start doesn’t always seem right. Can you post something that I can use as a guide or ideas or point me in the right direction?
    Thank you for sharing , Blessings to you and the girls.

  18. Colin Elvidge

    Hello. I’ve just been diagnosed with stage 3 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I’m feeling scared but ready to fight. I’m 51, fit, healthy, never smoked, never done drugs, drink socially. I start chemo in a couple of weeks, but I really want to give myself the best chance of recovery. Can you help with my diet?
    Many thanks in advance
    By the way, I live in the UK

  19. Babette

    Thank you for this article. Sorry about your experience with all of this, and losing your husband. I’m praying my juicing and somehow getting meals in will help me beat this horrible cancer. Mass in lung with thymus activity on PET scan, I refused treatment. I told Drs I’d rather die happy than sick. At 55, I’ve been so busy helping others now 9 months later my lymph nodes are swollen and very painfully in shoulder and neck. I started beet juice yesterday. After I drank it I did not have to take any Tylenol for pain for several hours. I’m really going to somehow fight this. God give me the strength.

  20. Jen

    Hi, your story is hopeful and inspiring. I’m glad to know you chose a path to natural healing. I currently found small lumps around my ear area and two on my neck and I’m freaking out I did some searching and a lot of it is saying it could be due to anemia (which could turn to cancer). I want to know what are the steps to get rid of these small lumps? If you can please help me out. Thank you so much.

  21. Jack Burkowski

    I was diagnosed with CLL 8 years ago and after 1 year of oral chemo, I decided to stop the drugs and take care of it myself. I found that if you keep the body in an alkaline environment and stay away from sugar it will starve the cancer cells. In one month my WBC dropped to normal. I was recently told that I also have non hodgkins lymphoma which probabbly came from the cll but have no symptome and it.s also in remission with diet. The best way I found to do this is with 1 scoop of powdered wheatgrass in the morning and at night and can still have sweets occasionally and it still remains in remission. I’m just trying to get the word out there about the amazing properties of wheatgrass I purchase it from as it is the least expensive . I hope this will help others

  22. Lisa Peck

    My husband has had NHL since 2013. Stage 4 because it’s in the bone marrow but only require immunotherapy once in 2018 when his spleen was enlarged.

    His CT scan last week has show redevelopment of issues and we are going next week for treatment options.
    Please help with whatever your diet plan is so we can try to fight this with nutrition. The thought of losing the greatest man I know is more than I can bare. We have to fight this!

    Lisa Peck

  23. Lijlanie Stander

    I have been diagnosed with NHL 2 weeks ago. I have no peace about going for chemo. I wish to explore alternative, holistic healing options.

  24. Bishal khadka

    Hlw madam I m only 29…and doctor said i have non hodgkin’s lymphoma….he told me chimo and radio but naturally how to heal plz advice me….what to eat and what to not…give me plant diet recipe and how to use it.

  25. Jennifer Ashford

    Hi Elissa I am a 5x non Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor since June 2006 .I was in remission for 5 years then it came back 9/19 it started slowly but then all of the sudden it was worse than ever . In jan 2020 I was rushed to the hospital and I needed a blood transfusion and at that time they told me I had 2 months if that to live. In March I flew to md Anderson but by then they couldn’t help me recommend hospice my spleen was so enlarged it was sticking out and the only thing that was keeping me alive was blood transfusions every week , and had a drain placed in my lungs to have the fluid taken out every week by April I was on hospice, fast forward through months and months with blood transfusions and then in September 2020 something out of the ordinary happened it all disappeared , my cancer was gone . No more transfusions no more of draining my lungs the fluid disappeared. So I re started my life with my kids , moved back into our own home again I obviously had been planning my funeral for a year . It was a miracle , then right before Christmas I started feeling bad again and now currently it’s back but so far my labs are good but they are only recommending chemo . I have not had any treatments for my cancer at all other than blood transfusions because I was to weak for treatments… so now I’m trying to save myself from having to put the poison in my body. I’m looking for guidance nutrition wise and reading your article , I know that lymphoma feeds off of sugar and other foods . It is hard to eat healthy when my kids only eat junk food so to speak . As a divorced single mom financially burdened with medical bills how do I afford to buy organic foods ? Thank you for your story I appreciate any input

  26. Kat

    Hi, my daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. She is stage 2 so far. They took her bone marrow yesterday. Hopefully it’s good. Doctor wants to start her treatment this Friday or this coming Monday. What would you recommend? Can you help us. I am really afraid to make any decision right know. I just know that we have to fight it there is no other way. Thank you

  27. Lina Raso

    I have been in remission for a year. Dr suggest to take the drudge rituximab but I don’t want to do it . I have to make a decision please help.

  28. missy

    I need help. I havent been diagnosed but i have several symptoms. Please help me i need my lymphatic system cleansed

  29. Ossai Eldora

    Hi, I’m Eldora. I’m 29 from Nigeria. I’ve been in and out of lymphoma. I just concluded a stem cell transplant in India. I pray I go into remission soon. Please what diet can help me?

  30. Farid

    Hey that’s good to know. I have a few friends with that issue . I lost a brother in law to that about a year and half ago and an old friend just passed away from that this past Sunday…

  31. Lindy Alberts

    I have Hodgkins Lymphoma since 1/9/2020… today is 1/25/21… I am going untreated and organic juices and organic plant based diet. The pain is real and I believe I can beat this! Thank you for sharing your story! ~Lindy

  32. Donnie R Balgobin

    Thanks for your experience.
    My son is diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He is taking chemotherapy. What natural therapy can be of assistance to his situation?

  33. Debra wenger

    My brother was just diagnosed with diffuse large B cell lymphoma. He is 73. I live with him and to have completely changed our diet. He sees an oncologist on 13 January. I am looking for some recipes or pointers that are extreme cancer fighters. I have bought all organic fruits, vegetables, and chicken.

  34. Nicki Boyd

    Research intermittent fasting people! Find Doctors on you tube talking about it. Look at carnivore diet, humans have been eating meat for 400, 000 years look up the “meat heals” movement with fasting. Fasting starves cancer cells.

  35. Dilip Kumar

    Hi Elissa ..
    I have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.. I just read your Articles .. please advise me .. as I don’t want to go Chemo

  36. Angela Bostic

    I haven’t been diagnosed but my platelet count is extremely high so I’m scheduled to have a bone marrow biopsie next week

  37. Julius S. Gloria

    Hello Mam Elissa , My wife has a Lymphoma Cancer , started last March 11 this year and Her Doctor
    Convinced her to begin immediate chemotherapy and radiation. She spent time in and out of hospitals as her immune system starts to weakened. I am desperately needed help nor advice, just to bring her apptite and cure her cancer . She still under going her Radiation Procedures at Makati Medical Center in Manila Philippines.
    I would like to know or seeking jhelp or advice from you what should i do so she doesnt loose her appetite and make her immune systems make strong again . because the radiation make her immune system weaker. and after that she will continue again her chemotherapy, once the Radaiation is done for 12 days. She is taking this herbal capsules daily named HCIBIZ CMD POWER TRIO , helps to support not to weakend her immune system but for me that is not enough i needed more improvements to her health. I hope that you can give me nor recommend me some other alternatives to fight her cancer in a natural ways not only for her medicine dependent. Thank you very much.

  38. Concerned wife

    I have read and am trying to implement fruits and greens in my husbands diet who was diagnosed with non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He is anemic and I am Bri g advised to feed him grass fed meat . What are your thoughts please.

  39. Angela

    This is a great story!..I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and have been doing great with a change in my diet as well. Can you recommend Holistic online courses possibly? I feel a desire to be apart of making people better in my journey.

  40. Alexandra Gaffney

    Hello, I am Alex I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year. After being in remission for only 6 months it’s back. I’m looking into alternative treatments to try such as this or Budwigs. What’s your opinion? Is dairy not a good idea? I’m pretty sure I’m intolerant anyway.

  41. Ayesa oluwatosin

    I was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma stage one on the 21st of May and I was advised to start chemo immediately (typical Nigerian doctors) >>> ( no watch and wait or nothing).. I’m still single and when I read about the side effects of chemo, I said no, I’m not doing this with myself. The side effects of the chemo is more than the disease itself..

    I planned to change my diet entirely but I need advice as to what and what to use. I’m based in Nigeria please.. I’m having no symptoms yet except for some tumors beside my neck

  42. Chad

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma at 42. I’m married w 3 kids. I wan’t to treat it with food and complimentary medicine. I’m certain my doctor only believes in Chemo and Radiation. I would love to prove him wrong. I just need guidance on what to eat. Thanks.

  43. Maurice Rosser

    What a success story… yet so sorry about your loss. I’ve been recently diagnosed with Nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL, and I’m terrified! The treatment does sounds as harsh as the problem. However, I currently have no symptoms and I’m a very healthy male. I have immediately swirled to a plant based diet with hopes of avoiding treatment all together. I would like learn more as bout your journey and how you beat yourself cancer.

  44. Cheryl Gilmour

    I have follicular NHL and eat a lot of great foods. But have trouble sticking to my plant based foods, tend to love sugar.

  45. Jack Mann

    Thanks for your article and sharing.. I would like to know more about the juicing regimen you followed. I was just diagnosed with B cell lymphoma.

  46. theresa henery

    I was just diagnosed 2 wks ago with lymphoma. I was shocked,,terrified and had every emotion you can think of.My oncologist says its low grade B cell no treatment,
    I decided to change my diet and will now be juicing and using alot of natural remedies. Molasses,turmeric,avocado leaves and all the different herbs I gewu up with from the Caribbean. I love reading the stories of every one. Its encouraging and uplifting.

  47. Florence Mak

    I have a relapse on my non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 4 in 2014. I did my chemotherapy but now I want to go on the natural way . Please advise

  48. Charles C. Gauci

    I have been told that I have lymphoma. My preferred way of healing, is Nutritional Medicine. Can anyone help me, please?

  49. Michael Navarro

    I have a loved one who is recently battling the same ailment. A once, but to me is still, a very beautiful women. Has given up faster than the disease has given her a self complex issue. Doctors have been very rude to her anr her family based on a povish lifestyle. We need help and direction to give someone I love their health, beauty , and esteem again. Thank you and God Bless.

  50. Raul

    Have been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for almost three years. Did traditional chemotherapy and recently had high dose chemo followed by ASCT. Had my six month PET showing possible infection/HL in lung and some FDG uptake in a lymph node in mediastinum. Doctors said I’m still considered to be in remission but are monitoring the two spots. Next PET in three months. What type of nutrition do you recommend?

  51. Elissa

    Hi Julie! I believed I was healed after my treatment, because your belief system is the most powerful tool to healing. Have you heard of the book Radical Remission by Kelly Turner PhD? She talks about people who had stage 4 cancer and they healed without Western medication. Mostly it was through knowing that their body had the capability of healing if they managed their stress, truly loved themselves, let go of past traumas, made sure they got good sleep to restore, ate a mostly plant-based diet, exercised and supporting their nutrient deficiencies. Believe in yourself and you will be able to overcome anything!

  52. Julie

    Hello, I have Lymphoma and I was wondering how you knew you went into remission? I am on watch and wait, I juice and eat plant based, I get blood tests every 3 months, my last one showed that my LDH had dropped. But I want to know what the indication is that it has gone if I only have blood tests.

  53. Pam Hall

    Need nutrition and dietary guidance for large B cell lymphoma… had a good physical mid August with good blood work except slightly low Vit d and mildly elevated A1C. 2 weeks later found swollen inguinal node…which I thought arose from injuring myself with a table corner. My doc sent for CT which showed 4 swollen nodes and uterus mass… although it was about the size of a fibroid I knew about from 9 years ago. Went to gyn oncol who said he did not think cancer and prob reactive node. Had mri and showed 2 nodes and same uterus issue so, different mri diagnosis of possible leimosarcoma…. Had biopsy on node and shows Large B cell but possible gray zone…Pet scan tomorrow and surgery to remove node on Friday… since I found the node I got off of all processed sugar. EXCEPT the one day gyn said he felt sure it was not cancer and ate some choc candy and a ice cream treat…. Then took a week to find a juicer… have been winging it with increased vi D, ‘cell food additive’,no processed food, only min grain free bread. Green tea, jucing organics of carrots, celery, apples… some salads and vegs and tumeric…Would love dietary recommendatios….yesterday I juiced a big salad with blueberries….had to stop my Tumeric with black pepper for surgery Thursday. Sorry if this is TMI… fully trusting Christ… but trying to eat the food God gave and be somewhat proactive…

  54. Bella

    Hi Joann, I have non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and I wanted to tell you about this incredible website that has helped me so very much – It’s run by a retired dean who has had non-Hodgkins lymphoma for 30 years. It has literally saved my life and made me feel so empowered.

  55. joann

    Would you suggest having any chemo & radiation? I was just diagnosed & already eat a plant based diet organic, probably 75%
    Thank you

  56. April swanner

    Hi Elissa. Both of my parents were taken by cancer and now Ive met someone very special who is 90% sure he has non-hodgkins lymphoma…but doctors are still running tests..ect. He told me he has to get on a diet and exercise regimen so I thought this would be a great way for me to get involved and show that I care

  57. April swanner

    Hi Elissa. Both of my parents were taken by cancer and now Ive met someone very special who is 90% sure he has non-hodgkins lymphoma…but doctors are still running tests..ect. He told me he has to het on a diet and exercise regimen so I thought this would be a great way for me to get involved and show that I care

  58. Anonymous

    HI Stephanie,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I would suggest that you juice fresh organic greens and keep it simple like celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, parsley, romaine to help get nutrients at a cellular level and flush some of the toxins from the body. Also, I love homemade bone broth or a high quality store bought one. You can have her add Ultima Repllinisher Hydrating Powder to her water (electrolytes loaded with minerals) to keep her fullly hydrated.
    Sending lots of love!

  59. Stephanie

    My mom has Mantle cell lymphoma. How does she get any detox process to prevent her from having breathing problems because of enlarged lymph nodes in her lung/heart area as well as other places. She is eating right. Anything that starts her to detox, causes asthma, type symptoms.

  60. George Randal

    Hi Elissa. I’m in Las Vegas but looking for a holistic nutritionist that can help me boost immunity and fight cancer. I was recently diagnosed with chromophobe renal cell carcinoma. It’s very small and no spreading. I have an appointment with MD Anderson April 8. However I want to really put nutrients and vistanjns in me that will help in this fight. If u can assist I would appreciate it. Thanks very much. George

  61. Colleen

    Hi. I’m located in Philadelphia! In 2016 I had a tumor on kidney and had partial nephrectomy surgically cured! 4 weeks after my surgery my father passed of lymphoma! I get scanned regularly and they notices enlarged lymphnodes on aorta got a pet scan showed low grade lymphoma in arm pits and hips. I have had hip pain last 3 months although yoga has relieved that pain on tues 2/27 I get my biopsy results

  62. Harve

    A plant based diet is a must with cancer but if you’re planning this lifestyle be sure to eat as organically as possible. If you eat anything GMO that has been engineered to withstand Roundup and its active ingredient called glyphosate all of those kinds of veggies will harm you further. You may have seen the news items lately about the lawsuit against Monsanto for non-hodgkins lyphoma (NHL). The plaintiff that is suing Monsanto had used Roundup for many years. There are about 4,000 more people with NHL waiting to see the outcome of this lawsuit. Roundup and glyphosate are known carcinogens and are found in about 85% of our foods. You would do well to Google, “Roundup and glyphosate in our food”. Try to avoid Monsanto statements as they have apparently known that Roundup causes cancer since 1983 according to several attorneys that have gotten access to their “secret” documents.
    Eat as organically as possible and use detoxification methods to remove toxins in your body. See a naturopathic oncologist for help with treating your cancer correctly.

  63. Shirley Rufus

    I was diagnosed with lymphoma T cell cancer stage 4. Went through all the chemos , got infection. Went into remission for two months. And now it’s back. Please advise- very scared

  64. Paul W. Downing

    I was diagnosed with stage 2b Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January. I was extremely sick. I lost 45 lbs, went from working out almost every day, to barely getting out of bed. I had a biopsy of the lymph node and chose to do chemo. Chemo alone will not make your body right. It kills good and bad cells. It attacks your muscles and weakens your immune system. I personally would never do radiation. I also thought that I lived a healthy life before, making sure to avoid harmful food additives and getting regular exercise. I looked very healthy. But, being a healthy person has layers. It is emotional, spiritual, and physical. There are a few people that say that cancer is the best thing that happens to them. I am in that elusive club. Refocus your life. Find faith. Accept all the help and prayers that are offered to you. I wanted to live more than anything else. I have two young sons and couldn’t stand the thought of leaving them without a father. I realized that my life before was toxic. The cycle of work yourself to exhaustion, take in large amounts of caffeine to get through the day, and constantly pressing towards a goal are toxic. Life is too short for that. What’s truly important is family, relationships, and faith. Reorganize your life and take hold of the cancer first. The next thing is to take a multi-layered nutritional approach. I consulted an oncology nutritionist who held a good balance between conventional medicine and holistic treatments. She put me on a good nutritional plan and supplements. I also did a number of things on my own. I strongly recommend the Budwig protocol. I strongly recommend a trampoline. I wholeheartedly recommend being exclusively Vegan other than safely sourced wild caught fish. Organic fruits and vegetables are the ONLY way to go. Learn to love raw fruits and vegetables, especially: kale, broccoli, carrots, blueberries, ginger, tumeric, and all of the other good plants that God has provided to heal our body. I am a football coach. I treated each day like a big game. I have never wavered, I’m never too busy, I always put the right foods in my body. I listen to worship music every day. I pray. I cry out to my God with thankfulness that I have just 1 more day to live. Guess what? I was in COMPLETE REMISSION at my 2 month scan with zero sign of disease!!!! It can be done. How bad do you want to live? I love life. I love my two boys, my wife, my dog, my friends, and my extended family too much to waver in my approach. Take heart! There is a way forward filled with health and happiness.

  65. Mark Drutz

    I’ve been ‘healthy’ vegan for 7 years, and was just diagnosed with lymphoma. So I’m not so sure about the curative powers of a plant based diet.

  66. Ankita

    My mother has been diagnosed with stage 4 non Hodgkin’s lymphosarcoma.
    She starts her chemotherapy tmorrow.
    Please advice

  67. Kenneth Gomez


    This is not medical advice. ( I have to say this as I am not a doctor)

    I have a lump on my aubmental node, hard. Probably lymphoma (I am not sick so this swelling isn’t natural).

    My diet was poor. I thought I was healthy because in between eating burgers and fries I would eat kale and some tomatoes now and then.

    I was stressed just as the original poster above.

    My body was dying.

    Let me get to the point.

    The lump under my throat started out larger than my thumb. Now, 2-3 months later, it has shrunk. It is now the size of my pinky. I estimate that in about another couple of months it will be reduced completely.

    I became a vegan. No animal food. No dairy. No soda. Nothing but fruits, vegetable, whole grains, antioxidants rich foods.

    I alternate juicing and smoothies daily. For example I will juice Monday, smoothie Tuesday, juice Wednesday, smoothie Thursday. I am not perfect, some days i will skip if I don’t have the time. But this way my body has all the antioxidants in crazy amounts it needs to fight and reduce the tumor.

    My smoothies have, dates (several), 1lb of berries (an absolute must), cranberries (a cup) other fruits (like guava, apples, oranges, whatever I can find I throw in extra) but the pound of berries is a must.

    People don’t realize this but the anti-oxidants in foods like berries actually travel in your blood stream and fight infections! This is not a lie!

    My mega juice, consists of a giant carrot, half of a beet (not the greens just the beet), several celery stalks, an apple, radishes, ginger root, and if I can find it turmeric root. I make enough of this juice to make about 4 to 6 cups of juice and drink all of it.

    I realize that this is extreme. But her body has been put through so much hell over the years with stress and a very poor diet that it caused cancer.

    So you must be extreme in reversing it, when it’s reversed then you can let off the smoothies and juices everyday.

    But a vegan lifestyle is essential.

    These links will prove invaluable to you: (you will love dr. Gregor, watch every single video!!!) (other people have beat cancers as well, not just lymphoma!)

    And lastly watch this YouTube channel, this man personally beat lymphoma as well,

    He did it through diet and juicing. Do exactly as he does and hopefully you will as well!!

    Peace love. And no meat!! (Or dairy… or animal products.. lol)

    If I was a help, please spread the message.

    And I encourage you to remember the size of the lumps, as they will magically decrease in size 😉

  68. Ima

    My daughter was diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma. She has a 6 year old boy and 10 month old girl. She simply must live. She has not been told to start chemo, but symptoms increasing. Three days ago we started making healthy soups and buying lots of vegetables. We will finally be able to order organic vegetables next week. We are Americans living in Israel. We feel so lost. My daughter is nursing and gets so hungry she’s shaking. We don’t know which fruits and vegetables have too much sugar… we don’t know if we can put lentils in soup or potatoes. Every where we search on internet for help, we need to pay money. My daughter promises to freely help others with what she learns when she is cancer free. I’m joining her in this new way of eating. Please tell me where to turn just to know which foods are safe for her. Can she eat vegetables baked with the juice from organic chicken. Should she stop all poultry too? We have heard that salmon is dangerous to eat because of compromised waters. The world is killing us. Please just point us in a direction.

  69. Elissa Goodman

    Dear Anonymous, I worked together with my Oncologist for a plan that felt right for me it wasn’t just a food cure in my case. I declined chemo, but I did go through a shortened version of radiation. I suggest an integrative approach, because everyone is different and our bodies respond differently. Choose the team that you connect with and who has the experience, love, and knowledge to provide you with the best guidance. I did a vegan diet with heavy doses of green juice, I also went into therapy and energy healing along with yoga, but these were complementary to my treatment.

  70. Elissa Goodman

    Hi Nams,

    I am so happy to hear that your scan came back negative. As for improving your eating habits, you are doing an amazing job!

    The best way for you to avoid pesticides and chemical cocktails on your produce is to buy organic. Below are a few things to consider when buying organic produce over non-organic.

    Organic foods provide higher concentrations of health-boosting antioxidants. According to findings, organic produce can provide anywhere from 18-69 percent more antioxidants.
    Organic foods help to protect your immune system. Non-organic farmers give their animals antibiotics which we then consume. This overload of antibiotics is weakening our immune systems. In contrast, organic farmers use more natural techniques to manage their livestock.
    Organic soil offers a larger diversity of microorganisms which are responsible for a plant’s nutrient uptake. Based on the chemicals that are used within conventional farming, healthy soil is stripped of its nutritional quality and in turn the produce you consume is also depleted of nutrients.

    For the most part, organic foods are healthier due to what’s not in them. When it comes to the toxic cocktails we’re exposed to on a daily basis, we simply do not know enough about the long-term effects. When deciding which foods to purchase organic, here a helpful guide is The Environmental Working Group: EWG’s 2017 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce this is my guideline for purchasing organic and it should be yours too.

    If there is anything else I can help with please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Much love,


  71. Nams

    Hi Elissa, Inspiring ! I have been diagnosed with NLPHL recently. It was just one growth and PET scan after the surgery was negative. So my doctor said “watch and wait” at this moment.So No Chemo or radiation down at this moment.

    Like you, I am also trying to better my eating habits. Completely got rid id dairy products, alcohol, sugar… I use little salt, increased the intake of fruits and vegetables. But my main worry is all these vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and this can harm ??

    Please advise me if you have any tips that can help me to come out this danger.

    Thank You

  72. Anonymous

    My husband was diagnosed in April. We declined chemo. Stared a vegan diet and certain supplements. Well actually not vegan cos he does the cottage cheese and flax oil everyday. He had an episode of chest pain and sweat last night. Why??? He’s changed his diet completely. What was your diet to heal? Please help!!!!


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