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Why Your Last Detox Probably Failed

MOST DETOXES DON’T LAST Most detoxes pick one single part of your body--your liver, perhaps, or your gut. But very few programs look comprehensively and systematically at your whole body and make sure that your entire physical self--from your feet through your belly through your heart to you brain--has every bit of support it needs to expel all your toxins…. I didn’t want a detox that worked only briefly, randomly, or occasionally, and I didn’t want a detox that addressed the body alone. So I began searching for a program that would allow us to remove every single toxic barrier that keeps us from total health and vital, fulfilling lives…. The culmination of this process was Whole Detox: the first comprehensive, systematic approach to breaching through all the toxins that hold us back…. WHAT WHOLE DETOX WILL DO FOR YOU Whole Detox integrates Western science and Eastern medicine. It is a systematic way of overcoming every barrier that keeps you from health, energy, and fulfillment. So welcome to Whole Detox, because it will change your life: • You’ll begin to heal the parts of your body that are struggling under their toxic burden, including your endocrine system, digestion, heart, bones, and brain. • You’ll shed pounds, boost your energy, heal your aches and pains, and recover from debilitating symptoms, feeling calmer, more vital, and more energized than you have in years. • You’ll detoxify your relationship with your community, your family, and yourself. • You’ll detox through food and also through movement, new thought patterns, and emotional expression. • You’ll break through conflicts and creative blocks, which will free you to pursue long-deferred dreams for work, love, and personal satisfaction. • You’ll feel nourished, not deprived, because sometimes the best detox is not cutting something out but rather bringing in more of what you need! Most important, Whole Detox is a personalized approach. You’ll zero in on the parts of your body—and your life—that most need cleansing, healing, and revitalization….. This approach offers you two striking advantages that make Whole Detox more effective and longer lasting than any other detox I’ve seen. First these seven systems target every aspect of your body and your life: each anatomical system and also every life issue (work, love, community, spirituality, etc.). When you target each of the seven systems, you guarantee yourself a truly whole detox, identifying every single barrier that stands between you and optimal health, between you and a wholly inspired and fulfilling life. Second, working with the seven systems enables you to create a truly personal detox-one that zeroes in on the specific barriers that are most troublesome to you. THE SEVEN SYSTEMS OF FULL-SPECTRUM HEALTH Here are the seven systems that encompass the health of your entire being: how to whole detox remove toxins that really works dr minich seven systems of Health ... As a clinician, I found that these seven systems of health were my keys to the kingdom: through them, I could see that seemingly disparate issues—usually separated into nutritional, anatomical, psychological, and spiritual—did actually benefit from being treated together. For example, the first system of health includes, among other things, immune function, bone health, identity, rootedness, and security—all the things that ground us and define us in a physical way. I could address immune function by giving my patients an immune-healthy diet, but I could also help them to create a strong sense of personal boundaries. They could enhance their bone health through supplements but also through yoga exercises that help them feel grounded. Meanwhile, a healthy immune system and strong bones could create a feeling of rootedness, safety, and security. In other words, treating one ROOT issue opens the door to a whole new world of improvement. During your twenty-one-day program, every three days you’ll detox another system of health, starting at the ROOT and working your way up to the SPIRIT. By the end of the three weeks, you will have addressed every toxic barrier in your life. I’ll be with you every step of the way. ... And I’ll guide you through each day’s activities: affirmations, meditation, visualization, journaling, explorations of limiting thoughts, and recommendations for healthy movement: a whole spectrum of ways to break through your personal toxic barriers….. I’ve also shared shopping lists and some suggestions for how to lay the groundwork in the week before you start. Whole Detox may be one of the most exciting journeys you’ll ever take—and it doesn’t end after twenty-one days. I’ve also included a section on how to maintain Whole Detox for life, so you can be sure to keep removing barriers and creating fabulous results. ...I’m thrilled to share Whole Detox with you, because I think it’s high time we found a new definition for “detox.” We need a detox that employs the whole spectrum of ancient and modern knowledge, and one that treats the whole spectrum of who we are. As a functional medicine nutritionist, I believe that “food is medicine,” but I’ve also come to believe that this approach is not enough. Most people cannot heal on food alone…..The Seven Systems of Full-Spectrum Health have been recognized by ancient healing traditions for thousands of years. They still hold true in the present day…..No two of us are alike, yet each of us contains these seven systems, this spectrum of color that helps define our bodies and our lives. Whole Detox empowers us to remove not just physical toxins but all the barriers that impede our growth. Whole Detox is a twenty-one-day program, yes, but it’s also the beginning of a whole new way of life. Excerpted with Permission from Whole Detox Want to read more? 9 Facts You Never Knew About How Food Affects Your Mood 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Swapping Out Your Meds for Turmeric

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