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What To Know About The Bone Broth Weight Loss Diet

Bowl of broth from bone broth weight loss diet

What To Know About The Bone Broth Weight Loss Diet

With all the mail I receive from people who are excited about starting the bone broth weight loss diet, there’s one question I’m hearing a lot: “Can I do this diet if I’m a vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan?”

The answer is a resounding yes!

While proteins like beef, chicken, and fish are part of the Bone Broth Diet, I’m all about making it work for everyone. I’ve altered this diet quite a few times for patients who choose to avoid many or all animal products, and it still works like a charm.

Here’s how to switch things up if you want to go for a meat-free vegetarian bone broth:

Let’s start with the broth. I know what you’re thinking: You can’t make bone broth without bones! But actually, you can substitute a rich vegetarian bone broth. If you’re a pescetarian, you can also make a lovely, subtle broth out of fish bones. Just be sure to use a non-oily fish like halibut or tilapia rather than an oily fish like salmon. Also, cook your broth for only a couple of hours because fish bones dissolve quickly.

As for the rest of the diet (and just following a meatless regimen in general), make eggs a big part of your diet if you’re a vegetarian. (Remember: Science has shown that eating eggs isn’t bad for your cholesterol). In addition, you can stretch the basic diet template to include beans and lentils, edamame, full-fat pasture-raised kefir, yogurt, natto, and tempeh. High-quality vegetarian protein mixes, such as hemp or pea protein, are also acceptable as part of the vegetarian or vegan bone broth protocol.

Avoid veggie chicken wings, soy milk, tofu hot dogs, and related foods. I call these “Frankenfoods” because they’re loaded with unhealthy ingredients.

It may take a little longer to lose extra pounds when you’re substituting beans, lentils, and other high-carb foods for animal proteins, but you’ll still see amazing results. And even without the collagen building blocks from bone broth, you’ll blast your wrinkles with skin-smoothing foods like coconut and avocado in your vegetarian or vegan bone broth. You’ll be slimmer, look younger, and feel more energetic without having to compromise on your dietary principles.

So don’t get hung up on the “bone” in the bone broth weight loss diet; you can still follow along while flying your vegetarian, vegan, or pescetarian flag proudly!

How The Bone Broth Weight Loss Diet Helped My Client Melt Away 30 Pounds

When Julie attended one of my talks, she said she knew “there was something there.” As she heard me speak about how inflammation can make you fat, she realized that this was true for her because she was always puffy, and her weight simply wouldn’t budge, no matter what she did.

Julie began an earlier variation of the Bone Broth Diet, and what happened to her was amazing. She says, “I literally shrank.” She lost 30 pounds, and, as she puts it, “the inches just melted away.”

Julie says, “People keep asking me, ‘How do you keep looking younger when I’m getting older?’”

Before she started her diet, Julie had, as she called it, the heartbreak of psoriasis. She never wanted to be in photos or draw any attention to herself, even though she’s very pretty and has a bubbly personality. She was one of those “invisible” women I talk about.

When Julie made all the lifestyle changes I recommended, her psoriasis cleared up 70 to 80 percent. In addition, she has more energy than ever. She’s lost her bloat and her saddlebags and sleeps like a baby, waking up refreshed instead of groggy.

Julie’s family was so impressed that all of them jumped on the bandwagon. Her husband lost 45 pounds, his achy joints cleared up, and he’s athletic once again. Her daughter lost 20 pounds, and her allergies and eczema are completely gone. And Julie’s 21-year-old son lost 20 pounds and got rid of his acne.

Why the Bone Broth Weight Loss Diet Healed My Client’s Celiac Symptoms When Avoiding Gluten Didn’t

Unlike Julie, Merris didn’t need to lose weight when she came to see me. Instead, she needed to save her life.

Merris has celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that affects the intestines. When people with celiac disease eat any food containing gluten, their immune system attacks the villi, tiny structures in the intestines. The result: diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, and absolute misery.

The standard treatment for the disease is strict avoidance of gluten. Merris had tried that for a year and a half, but it didn’t work. Her doctor suspected that she had refractory celiac disease — a severe and potentially fatal condition that’s treated with powerful immune-suppressing steroids and other dangerous drugs.

Merris wanted a better solution. And when she saw me on TV one day talking about treating inflammation with food, she decided to give me a chance. After she followed my bone broth weight loss protocol for only 4 days, Merris’ severe diarrhea completely stopped. Within a month, her pain and cramps vanished. After being unable to sleep for more than an hour or two at a stretch, she could sleep soundly through the night.

Now, at 66, Merris says, “I feel like a teenager.” She’s living proof that when it comes to autoimmune disease, the wrong foods can hurt or even kill you — and the right foods can heal you.

Bone broth is a fantastic nutrient-dense liquid that can possess a number of health benefits. Learn how to incorporate fantastic vegan bone broth or how to make a vegetarian bone broth without the bones in our Further Food recipes and blog today!

Excerpted with permission from Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds, 4 Inches — and Your Wrinkles! — in Just 21 Days!

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