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3-Ingredient Healthy Jello (No-Sugar Added)

Never buy premade jello again! This healthy jello recipe is so easy and so much healthier than anything you can find in the store. First, it uses grass-fed gelatin – which is important because it doesn’t contain antibiotics or hormones. Second, there’s no added sugar. Third, you can use a low-sugar organic juice or kombucha as the base. Did I mention that it takes about 5 minutes to make? Kids, adults, and grandparents will love this healthy jello recipe!

You can use any organic, low-sugar juice of your choice for this healthy jello recipe. I find using kombucha is actually the lowest sugar option, but a nice mango, orange juice or apple, pear juice would also be delicious! You can even add some fruit chunks to the mixture to give some crunch to your healthy jello. Sometimes people might wonder, “does jello have collagen?” and the answer is yes!

Further Food Commentary:

This super easy to make fat free, low carb jello is so versatile you will find yourself making it all the time! What I love about it is that the flavor is completely up to you! Here, we used orange juice but you can easily substitute with lemonade, cranberry juice, fresh blended berries, even green juice! Our 3-ingredient jello is a perfect ready-to-go snack to have on hand for busy weeks and at only 17 calories per serving you do not even have to think twice!

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