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Avocado Date Chocolate Pudding

Avocado Date Chocolate Pudding

I’ve been making this for a few years now, can’t get over how easy and delicious this is! Just five ingredients, it has made it such an easy dessert to whip up for any meal – even a chocolate craving snack! I will say I have learned that soaking the dates and chopping them is extremely helpful, as it softens them and makes pureeing a lot easier. Also, as the recipe notes, don’t toss the soaking water! Use the water for the recipe to keep the sweetness and minerals from the soaked dates. The rich chocolate flavor comes from the cocoa. All of the kiddos enjoy it, two of them preferring it to the standard dairy pudding.

Further Food Commentary:

This a fantastic dessert with no added sugars or processed sugars. Both dates and avocados are high in fodmaps, meaning that some people with IBS won’t be able to tolerate this recipe. But others might, and the prebiotics will be good for the good bacteria in your gut.


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