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Avocado Mango Nice Cream (Healthy Ice Cream)

Avocado-Mango-Nice-Cream-Healthy-Ice-Cream Further Food

Ever wanted to know how your favorite Instagrammers create those beautiful, icy smoothies piled high in their Mason jars? I’ve finally figured out the perfect recipe, and it’s just as delicious as it looks (with an added boost of my favorite superfood-collagen)! Further Food Collagen has a multitude of nutritional benefits- some of the most famous being strengthening your hair, skin, and nails, and providing support for your bones and joints.

Further Food Commentary:

This recipe features great superfoods, particularly avocados. Avocados are a rich source of folate, vitamin A and potassium. Avocados should be served raw and has useful amounts of protein, iron, magnesium and vitamins C, E, and B6. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, is part of the connective tissue for bones, muscles, blood cells, cartilage, arteries, and organs. When you consume collagen powder, your digestive system breaks down the proteins into amino acids. Amino acids are used as building blocks that support collagen production throughout the body.


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