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Bone Broth Egg Drop Soup

bone-broth-egg-drop-soup easy recipe Multiple Sclerosis diet

Egg drop soup has always been a favorite of mine, but most places prepare it with corn starch or other thickeners that I prefer to avoid. I discovered I could get my daily bone broth in while getting the egg drop soup flavor that I have always loved by mixing together a few simple ingredients! You can add an extra collagen boost with a couple scoops of Further Food Collagen. No extra taste or texture but lots of benefits!

Further Food Commentary:

Everyone loves the flavors of Chinese food but most Further Foodies know that excess sodium, fillers, and dubious quality ingredients make Chinese take-out a no-no. With this recipe, egg drop soup is a YES! Low in sodium and cholesterol and a good source of protein, this soup also provides antioxidant spinach and ginger. Boost your health with this delicious and healing soup.

By Karen Tayeh, Nutritionist


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