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Karen Tayeh, Nutritionist

Title: Further Food Nutritionist, Keeping it All Together, Mom

Condition: Gestational Diabetes

Diagnosed Year: 1991 and 1998

Foods I Love:

Roasted cashews
Leafy Greens
Peanut butter

Foods I Avoid:

White rice
White bread
Fried foods
Processed foods
Take-out meals

My Story

I was raised in a household where my mom or dad had a warm breakfast on the table every morning for my three siblings and me, which usually consisted of white rice, eggs and meat.  Dinner would consist of something yummy like chicken adobo, a side of vegetables and of course the ubiquitous white rice.   Everything my mother made was so fragrant, tempting and delicious!

When I had my own family, it just came naturally that I would cook most meals and introduce them to rice as a breakfast staple.  I have tweaked some things though, like substituting brown rice for white, using organic and humanely produced meats as opposed to canned (and eating meat less often), and incorporating vegetables, beans and fruit into the breakfast rotation.

I have had the very good fortune of staying home while raising my kids but since they weren’t going to stay little forever, I decided to do something with my lifelong interest in food and wellness.  During my pregnancies, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which made me even more aware of the need to eat well.  I have been pursuing a Master’s in Nutrition and Public Health at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York.  I’m also mothering, tasting recipes, crossing Ts, and dotting Is at Further Food, where I’m surrounded by young, like-minded, food-obsessed and talented colleagues.

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