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Carrot Ginger Citrus Soup with Spiraled Spelt Breadsticks

Carrot-Ginger-Citrus-Soup-with-Spiraled-Spelt-Breadsticks Further Food

I’m so in love with creamy soups in autumn and winter! They make you feel like home and warm you after a long and cold day. With this recipe I tried to combine sweet and hot ingredients to one delicious soup that is creamy without using cream! The Superfood Turmeric is a great spice blend that helps to give this soup a delicious flavor, while also helping reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

Further Food Commentary:

A body- and soul-soothing soup that has the full flavor and rich texture of one that's cream-based, but is dairy-free and far lower in fat and calories. ​

Between the carrots, orange and potato, this is a veritable bowl full of vitamin C -- an antioxidant nutrient that protects the body from free-radical damage and inflammation, helps metabolize fats and cholesterol, improves absorption of iron, and is vital for healing and fighting infection.​ The whole grain spelt breadsticks offer additional health benefits from fiber and polyphenols, including improved digestive and cardiovascular health, stimulation of the immune system, and various cancer-fighting properties. ​

Note: Keep sodium in check by opting for a reduced- or no-sodium-added vegetable stock.​


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