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Chocolate Cake (vegan)

Chocolate-Cake-vegan Further Food

I wanted to create a vegan chocolate cake, that tastes like real chocolate and is not as unhealthy as they usually are. Because of my father is a cancer patient, I wanted to make it low sugar, so I use only 100 g sugar for the batter.

Further Food Commentary:

​​Cocoa powder offers a wealth of antioxidants, essential in battling free radicals linked to cancer​ ​​and other chronic illnesses. It’s also one of the best dietary sources of magnesium — to maintain healthy nerves, muscles and bones​; as well as sulfur — for skin, hair and nail health.

Increase the nutrient density of this lower-sugar cake by replacing half or more of the regular flour with a lighter whole grain option, like whole wheat pastry, white whole wheat, or even gluten-free all-purpose blend or oat (certified GF) flours. Thanks to the high flavor combo of cacao* and dark chocolate, the swap will be negligible. If you're watching fat, try replacing the oil with 3/4 the original amount with plain low-fat Greek yogurt.

*Note: Substitute unsweetened cocoa powder if you can't find cacao, and aim for a dark chocolate with at least 65% cacao.


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