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Cranberry Kombucha Jello (Low-Carb, Low-Sugar)

Cranberry-Kombucha-Jello-Low-Carb-Low-Sugar Further Food

Looking for a very low sugar dessert that takes 2 minutes to make AND that’s amazing for your gut? I’ve got the best healthy kombucha jello recipe for you! Just take your favorite kombucha beverage (I used cranberry kombucha in this recipes but any kombucha will work) and mix it with some gelatin and you’ve got the tastiest healthy dessert! Kombucha has so many wonderful gut health benefits and it’s naturally low in sugar. Combine that with the high protein and super healthy for your Further Food Premium Grass Fed Gelatin and you’ve got a winning healthy and tasty treat.

Further Food Commentary:

This cranberry kombucha jello is a delicious low-cal snack option with gut healing benefits! Kombucha is a fermented beverage that serves as a great source of probiotics - the good bacteria your gut needs to thrive! With only 13 calories per serving, no fat and 3g of carbs you can enjoy this cranberry kombucha jello guilt free and feel good about the gut benefits you are getting!


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