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Gelatin “Egg” (Cholesterol-Free, Egg-Free, Low-Carb)

Gelatin-Egg-Cholesterol-Free-Egg-Free-Low-Carb Further Food

You may have heard of flax eggs or chia eggs, but have you ever tried making a gelatin “egg” replacement? It’s so simple to make-just combine the gelatin with warm water and after a few minutes, your gelatin “egg” is ready to go. Gelatin makes a great binder and will help to thicken and add texture to your recipes. The gelatin will give you extra protein, in addition to helping to make your skin and hair softer, and aiding in digestion. Just make sure you use a high quality gelatin made from grass fed and pasture raised bovine.

Further Food Commentary:

This gelatin egg is a total game changer! If you are watching your cholesterol intake or don't eat eggs, this is perfect for you to use as an egg replacement in recipes. Gelatin is a great binding agent and will perform the same duties that the egg was meant to. Also, this gelatin egg also has no cholesterol, 1g fat and only 3 carbs!


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