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Gluten-Free Plum Torte Inspired by the New York Times

Gluten-Free-Plum-Torte-Inspired-by-the-New-York-Times Further Food
I was inspired by my friend who made the New York Time’s most famous recipe of all time – Marian Burros’s Original Plum Torte – for a dinner party we co-hosted. The torte was a total hit – light, fluffy, sweet. The perfect way to end the evening!I wanted to make it a bit less sugar dense and gluten-free. For example, the original recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar but I find 2/3’s cup is all you need since the plums are very sweet! You can even try with 1/2 cup of sugar if you want. And since I try to add as much collagen to my diet as I can, I even included a few scoops of Further Food Collagen to this recipe.After testing a couple of times, I created the recipe below and am addicted. It has become a party staple, especially during the summer when it’s plum season. I like to use different plums that are in season – a mix of purple plums, orange plums, yellow plums – whatever you can find at the farmers market or your local grocery store!

Further Food Commentary:

This gluten free plum torte is a real crowd pleaser for that summer soiree or gathering and since plums are a good source of antioxidants - Vitamins A and C in this case, your guests can rest easy knowing they are getting an immunity boost as they indulge in dessert! Plums are also a good source of potassium which helps promote hydration and fluid balance - perfect for the summer heat!


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