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Gooey Chocolate Collagen Brownies

Gooey Chocolate Collagen Brownies

We never get tired of a good brownie! And this Gooey Chocolate brownie recipe is our new favorite! To make this extra rich and chocolate-y, we’ve added in 3 types of chocolate, including Further Food Chocolate Marine Collagen. You’ll love how delicious and decadent these brownies taste and that you get some extra skin, gut and joint benefits from the Collagen.

Further Food Commentary:

Marine collagen is the most bioavailable of all collagen types. Using marine collagen can help improve the appearance of skin, strengthen hair and nails and even help support gut health. To reap the maximum benefits of collagen, it is important to use collagen daily. Luckily collagen blends easily into any recipe without changing the texture. Marine collagen can be unflavored which won't add any taste to your recipes, or you can use Chocolate Marine collagen to amp up the chocolate flavor-like in this delicious Chocolate Brownie recipe!


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