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Gut Healing Detox Green Juice

This green detox juice is a refreshing blend of vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables that you will definitely love! Packed with green leafy vegetables, it provides the body with plenty of antioxidants and fiber to boost your energy. It’s a simple and light drink for detoxing after a long day, or to start off the day refreshed and hydrated. Thanks to the lemon and ginger, it also serves as the best juice option when you are sick to really cleanse your body and make you feel renewed! Thecollagen peptides will keep your skin glowing and strengthen your gut, along with the abundant vitamins and minerals! You can’t go wrong with this power juice.

Further Food Commentary:

There is no shortage of nutrients in this Green Juice. Both spinach and kale provide ample fiber and protein. What is even more impressive is that the vitamin A (good for eye health) and K (good for strong bones) content is well over 100% of the RDA.

By Ale Zozos


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